Monte Carlo

There are several special places you can visit if you’re a big fan of gambling. In these locations, you can play all kinds of games from slot machines to poker, and bingo to dice. Most of them you’re surely aware of like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. But you might find some surprising names in our list of the most popular gambling destinations in the world below.  ... read more

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games both in live and online casinos. You need mostly luck instead of special skills to win but you can still walk away with big amounts. Just like the most famous roulette players did who all left the table as wealthy men. Some of them had lucky nights breaking the bank, while others risked all their fortune on one spin. As you can read their stories below.  ... read more

The 2021 F1 Monaco GP odds indicate the upcoming fifth round will likely have Hamilton and Verstappen fight again upfront. However, the track in Monte Carlo is very tricky and it can bring a lot of surprises for the championship race. We discuss the chances of all top drivers including the leading duo and who will likely come out victorious in Monaco. ... read more

They have run the Arctic Rally since the 1960s but this is the first time as part of the WRC season. Rovaniemi is next to the Arctic Circle, so the conditions are always as icy and snowy as the name suggests. So, whilst Sebastien Ogier is favorite at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365, it’s anyone’s race. Mostly because they’ll need to be very careful. One slip and they can bet on the Arctic Rally ending almost instantly, their car neatly wrapped around a pine tree. ... read more

Summer is here and luckily the weather looks summery too. People are starting to search for the coolest holiday destinations where they can leave the work and the noisy city behind. They just want to relax and enjoy the calmness of the chosen place.  But if we do not want to leave the work and the gambling behind? What about the gamblers, for whom online casinos are the real entertainment? Now we will show you the best gambling holidays around the World! Get your passport ready and join us! ... read more

European gambling culture is well developed and multi-facetted. The numerous diverse nations that comprise the continent give rise to a huge variation of laws, regulations, attitudes and traditions. This has meant the harmonization so sought by exponents of the European Union has faced an uphill struggle. Online betting sites in Germany like Bet365 should be able to operate anywhere in the EU, but several nations operate a closed shop. So is a unification of gambling in Europe a pipe dream?  ... read more

With a Walther PPK, a perfectly tailored tux and a seemingly bottomless line of credit James Bond makes a splash. That no spy draws this much attention to themselves apparently just not important to audiences. There might have been other movies featuring espionage in casinos but Bond stole this show. As Bet365 is the best of the online betting sites in the UK, so James Bond is the be all and end all of cinema spies. His casinos scenes are legend and have become a default public perception. ... read more

Big jackpots, all-night clubs and flashy shows aren’t the only thing people come to Las Vegas anymore. In fact, many casinos have attracted the culinary talents of some of the world’s most respected chefs. So, whether you gamble or not, or say you prefer to play online at online gambling sites in the US, you can always treat yourself in the world-class restaurants here. From the best steak house in the US to French cuisine, we have made a list for every taste. So, let’s check out the list of best casino restaurants in Vegas. ... read more

This year’s World Rally Championship will start this week with the first race in Monte Carlo. All drivers will have 12 more opportunities to score points until the end of the season. Estonian Ott Tanak is the reigning champion, and he is again in the favorites in the World Rally Championship 2020 betting tips. Let’s see who else can take the trophy. ... read more

The Monaco Grand Prix is the jewel in the crown of the season, a race not just steeped but practically embedded in the traditions and history of the sport itself. It is the single fixture on the calendar they all dream of winning. Shame it’s a terrible impractical race that ends after the first corner, eh? Also a pity that at these prices it’s only by taking up the 2019 Monaco F1 GP odds on Robert Kubica retiring first at Unibet, best of the online betting sites in Monaco, you can profit. ... read more