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The most epic movie of the year is coming soon. Godzilla v Kong premiere is scheduled for March 2021 without any further changes. So, it is time to decide who will rule the MonsterVerse after these two finally meet. Bet on Godzilla v Kong to define the winner. ... read more

Do you know that you can bet on events like Oscar and Grammy Awards? Or that you can have a profit from guessing the next actor to play James Bond? Nowadays, you can bet on everything related to entertainment, starting from awards, and ending with eliminations on reality shows. Read how to make entertainment bets of all kinds at sportsbook sites. ... read more

Betting on film and music stars is extremely popular at online sportsbooks. Punters can always find odds on celebrity fights, their record-breaking achievements, or personal life. Why do people bet on celebrities? Let’s see all the reasons. ... read more

American dark teen drama “Euphoria” will return to the screens with another season. HBO’s obscenely blunt series about struggling teenagers and their equally troubled parents will likely start filming sometime in 2020. Meanwhile, oddsmakers provide with some potential plotlines that can take place in the next installments. Let’s cast a look at Euphoria season 2 betting predictions! ... read more

Netflix is about to release The Witcher, attempting to create their version of the “Game of Thrones”. Short critical reactions to the first five episodes seemed to be quite positive, but everything else is under a strict embargo. Despite the lack of information, some bookmakers have come up with The Witcher betting predictions. ... read more

Have yourself a merry little Britmas! BritBox is not only gearing up for the Christmas countdown but also looks forward to presenting the installments to favorite TV series and reality shows. The local bookmakers already offer 2020 BritBox predictions over the most-watched show of the upcoming year. ... read more

The film awards season is heating up with the movies finally releasing and the ceremony dates impending. Some of those award shows have already revealed the nominations, as did the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The committees have finished voting while the bookmakers recently released the odds on the main categories. Let’s briefly explore the 2020 SAG Awards predictions. ... read more

90’s beloved American television sitcom “Friends” is rumored to get a reboot after the last episode aired 15 years ago. The showrunners and actors are out of step about the idea. Not surprisingly, bookmakers have their own opinion about the matter with some interesting “Friends” reboot betting odds in place. ... read more