Muhammad Ali

One of the biggest moments of all Olympic Games is the lightning of the Olympic cauldron. It opens the Games officially at the end of the opening ceremonies. It is a crucial moment with millions watching it around the world, no wonder the pressure is great on the organizers. Most of the time they all went fine and there were some exceptional ones in the most memorable lighting of the Olympic cauldron.   ... read more

On April Fool’s Day we thought to make a list of the most entertaining athletes of all time. Who were not only great sportsmen but also real showmen, making everyone smile. From the biggest NBA stars to tennis players, most of them come from the US, the home of entertainment. ... read more

At the end of a successful and long career, every athlete hopes for a nice farewell, but it doesn’t always happen. From being sent off on your last game to being knocked out in the first round of your last world championship, it can happen to even the most famous sportsman. We collected the worst sporting farewells which were also the most memorable as well.  ... read more