Nancy Pelosi

Just when you thought it was safe. When you thought US politics was about to re-enter the grey world of dull men. When it looked like it might quietly put the last four years of acrimony behind it. Donald Trump’s supporters demonstrated otherwise. This isn’t over yet. If you bet on US politics returning to anything even approaching normal anytime soon, you were wrong. Just look at the bets still available at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. It’s still real crazy. ... read more

The plague and protests were always going to make this election special. Both sides are floundering for safe ground in a nation intent on clasping the political third rails of race relations and public health care with both hands. For careerists in both parties these are uncertain times. That doesn’t mean you can’t bet on the Democrats to win the House in 2020. They very probably will, but there still room for doubt before you hit up Bovada one of the best online sportsbook sites in the US. ... read more

The US President has always been found in the middle of a controversy one two many times. Trump’s latest troubles revolve around Ukraine-Biden has triggered an Impeachment inquiry, put into action by Nancy Pelosi. However, Trump continues to deny such allegations and wants to distance himself from the conflict. On the contrary, Trump impeachment betting odds are predicting a 75% chance of US President’s term being brought to an end before 2020. ... read more

The 2018 Midterm elections put the Democrats back in charge of the House but left the Senate in the hands of the Republicans heralding years of political deadlock ahead, however down in Texas the loser this autumn is being hotly tipped as a White House hopeful two years hence. Does that mean the Beto O’Rourke 2020 US Presidential Election odds bookies like Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States, are offering should be snapped up now? Probably. ... read more