For every UFO lover, the past week was quite productive. In the US the related viral videos are quite regular. However, in the past days, things went crazy. Countless Tik-Tok and Instagram users captured weird flying objects. Probably the most shocking was the New Jersey UFO. Meanwhile, NASA found life signs on Venus. Should you bet on Aliens to visit planet earth? Day by day it seems more and more likely to meet with other life forms from the Galaxy. But hold your horses for a second and let’s take a closer look at what’s happened exactly in New Jersey and what are the scientific expectations. ... read more

Today Air Force One is an icon of the skies. A flying embassy with the comfort of a five-star hotel and the communications systems of an NSA bunker. Providing the President with a safe haven and smooth transport, however, is not an evolution halted at a converted 747. Future developments of the concept will see the development of a Space Force One in due course. So we take a look at the concept of Air Force One and how it will transform into the presidential transport of the 21st century. ... read more

Day to day there are more and more space bets you can wager on. This time we will bet on the first orbital factory. What an innovative idea? – The thing itself exists, however, you can bet on that someone will establish a 20-men factory that floats around Earth, before 2024. Space manufacturing odds indicate that it won’t happen. ... read more

The Betting Odds For Mars

So the race is on to see who gets to Mars first. There are three teams taking part. First is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin venture. Then there’s Elon Musk’s SpaceX program. And least but not last come in the home grown Nasa. Let’s have a look and see what odds the betting community are giving each player. ... read more