Thanks to the new streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, more and more sports documentaries are made every year. Formula 1 fans have been waiting for the new film about Schumacher. But we can also watch new productions about Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods in the latest top sport documentaries.  ... read more

Stranger Things has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix, with a huge fan base and a real cult status. After the dramatic end of Season 3, most of us can’t wait to see the new season. Which will only debut in 2022 but you can already make some guesses in the Stranger Things Season 4 special bets on different bookmaker sites.  ... read more

The 73rd Emmy Awards nominations have been announced. Among all nominees, Netflix’s The Crown and Disney’s The Mandalorian stand out as the series with the most nominations this year. Today, we will explain why you should bet on The Crown to win Emmys 2021 and evaluate its chances to become the main favorite of the night. ... read more

As we approach the heart of the awards season, it is crucial to look at a major pre-Oscars contest, the PGA Awards. The winner of the PGA Best Picture is often the frontrunner for Oscars. But, who are the leaders and the wild cards at the 2021 PGA Awards winner odds for the Best Picture? Who are the favorites in other major categories of the PGA Awards? ... read more

In our next preview of the 2021 Golden Globe we will check the main favorites in the Best TV miniseries/Television film category. We can find several Netflix series again in the favorites from coming-of-age drama to an anthology about West Indian immigrants in London. These are the top ones according to the 2021 Golden Globe Best TV miniseries odds.  ... read more

Nowadays, Netflix rules the movie industry. Most of the block-busting productions are coming from one of their studios. So, it’s not a surprise that bookies also pay a lot of attention to the most popular form of online entertainment. Are you a real fan? Then, bet on Netflix series like you bet on your favorite sports teams. It’s won’t simply add some extra juice to the anticipated next seasons but also gives you a chance to earn money on your favorite mysteries. ... read more

The nominees have been already revealed for the 36th Television Critics Association Awards, but the winners will be announced only later in the summer. No ceremony will be held, but the organisation will still award the best television productions from comedies to miniseries. In the Television Critics Awards odds you can find the favourites for the main categories, here they are.  ... read more

One of the favorite Netflix series of crime drama fans, The Sinner has been renewed for another season after the success of the 3rd series. So Detective Ambrose will return again with a twisted story and a new main character to entertain us. To increase the excitement you can also make a tip about the story line in The Sinner season 4 special bets.  ... read more