New York Yankees

The 2021 Major League Baseball postseason starts this week with two superb derbies in the Wild Card Games. As the Boston Red Sox will meet the New York Yankees in the American League. While the Los Angeles Dodgers will play against the St Louis Cardinals in the National League. We can also find options to bet on the World Series winners in the latest 2021 MLB playoff predictions, let’s see them now. ... read more

Fans love to collect their favorite team’s or player’s relics from posters to baseball caps. But some of them are taking their collections so seriously that they don’t mind paying huge amounts of money for anything signed or owned by an athlete. Let’s see the list of the most precious sports relics which also include historical pieces.  ... read more

Finally after a long delay the American Major Baseball League could start as well at the end of last month. In the shortened season teams will play 60 games in the regular season and followed by the play-off. In the 2020 MLB betting predictions we check the favourites in each league who can reach even the world series final.  ... read more

In the last century, from time to time there were teams in different sports from football to basketball, that were unbeatable, the best of their age, with no one getting close to them. Until they retired and another dream team appeared with similar qualities. Then comes the question, are they better than their predecessors, do they belong to the greatest teams in the history of sports?  ... read more

The 120th season in the history of Major League Baseball will begin on March 26, 2020. This date will be the earliest opening day in league history. Although the first game of the World Series is scheduled for the 20th of October, we can try to predict the winner now. 2020 Baseball World Series winner bets offer odds for the champion’s team title.  ... read more

Although the 2020 MLB season is still a long way off, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some premature predictions! The bookies’ 2020 MLB American League betting odds forecast a heated rivalry between Houston Astros and New York Yankees. Both sides are evenly picked to clinch the top spot in the playoffs. Naturally, the winner will take on the National League champ in the World Series final. Let’s take a look at what is to be expected. ... read more

The new MLB season is already underway and once again the race to claim the Cy Young Award is on. So far, the American League Cy Young Award winner predictions favor Justin Verlander to claim the 2019 pitching honor. Gerrit Cole, Chris Sale and James Paxton will also look to get their hands on this season’s AL Cy Young Award. ... read more