Next UK election odds

As leader of the opposition in the UK, you’d think Keir Starmer would find the current situation amusing. Why wouldn’t he laugh at the dire malaise into which the Conservatives dove headfirst? However, those who regularly bet on politics in the UK know this week wasn’t much of a laugh for the Labour leader. Which means you can probably bet on Keir Starmer dropping any pretense at playing Mr Nice Politician. The caretaker has taken over the company, and he’s not happy. ... read more

Right now online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are offering 11/8 odds on the Labour Party winning the most seats at the next election. Until just recently, taking up that bet on the Labour Party would have been somewhat insane. They were a mess. But now the shoe is on the other foot and it’s the Conservatives in a stew. Their leader is under police investigation, they could be islamaphobic and corruption still hangs in the air. So Labour could well be laughing. ... read more

Just when you thought you couldn’t bet on Boris Johnson to get any less sensible, he launches a drugs crackdown. Typically, the voters like this sort of thing in the UK. The hand of firm government, and all that rot. However, attacking middle class drug users when parliament’s toilets test positive for cocaine is plain daft. Still, you can always bet on the Conservative Party to think no one will mind their hypocrisy, and bet on politics in the UK to then prove them wrong. ... read more

You can bet on Rishi Sunak to bask in the glory of media attention as he runs through his budget this week. He wants to be the next leader of the Conservative Party in the UK. So the more he gets into the public eye the better. However Michael Gove also wants the job, and he’s far more experienced. So if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws at Bet365 or similar beware. The odds on the next Conservative leader might not reflect the reality of Tory thinking. ... read more

The Conservative government in the UK under Boris Johnson lurches from one ghastly mess to another. Hapless and incompetent they paper over the cracks they’ve created with their Brexit debacle with little success. So you’d think that the odds on the Labour Party taking the reigns of power at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 would be better. They should be better. However alas the only thing more inept than the government is the people sitting opposite them. ... read more

A lot of the party will bet on Keir Starmer to be the next Labour leader. His smooth emollient style precisely what they need to recover from the fallow years under Corbyn. However, leadership elections in the Labour Party don’t always go as expected. Just ask the bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK. They lost out when Corbyn won through, and so they’re not taking any chances this time round. And neither will the Labour Party. ... read more