We could witness many surprises already in this year’s Champions League final from Lisbon. Thanks to the new format and with one game deciding the winner of the ties, small teams got the chance to surprise their much favoured opponents. Like Leipzid did against Atletico Madrid. We check in the Leipzig vs PSG betting preview what are their chances against the French titans.  ... read more

Though it’s already August, the transfer window has only opened a few weeks ago following the late finishes of the top league’s. But of course papers and experts have been guessing for a while now where the biggest stars and new talents can move to. Here are the best transfer rumours in 2020.  ... read more

With the growing popularity of social media, football fans got an additional reason to rank favorite players. Previously, they competed mostly by a number of trophies and goals, but the army of followers also matters nowadays. Here are the 10 most popular footballers on Instagram by 2020. ... read more

Rivalry in football always leads both to bad blood among fans and negative attitudes towards certain players. However, these football stars exceeded all expectations by getting enemies from almost every fanbase for their playing style, on-field behavior or public image. Here are the top-5 most hated football players in the world nowadays. ... read more

Lionel Messi is leading the list of the highest paid footballers 2020 made by French magazine L’Equipe. It’s not a big surprise and the other names in the top 10 either, but the amounts they earn are still shocking. Let’s see them in detail. ... read more

From time to time we can hear about the donations of different athletes for many good causes, from charities to the support of the victims of natural disasters. Now of course many of them are making offers to soothe the effects of the new coronavirus, but the most generous athletes in the world have been active before as well.  ... read more

Next week Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint Germain will meet in the first round of the last 16 in the Champions League. It should be an exciting game with hopefully lots of goals, as both teams are in favor of attacking football. The French giants are still the favorites in the Dortmund vs PSG betting odds, but the Germans can cause surprise as always.  ... read more

In recent years, we could see several footballers who were not only concentrating on football, but also on following the latest fashion trends. If you check their clothes, their hairstyle or their designer watches, they are all very stylish and cost a fortune. We’ve collected the most stylish footballers who can make their own trend with millions of fans following them.  ... read more