If you haven’t done so already, then you’re going to want to mark your calendars for the new NFL season. This time around, you can get in on the top American football league’s action with the 2021 NFL betting odds. Not to mention, you can also watch the 2021 season on Bet365 Sportsbook, one of the top online sportsbooks with NFL live streaming. ... read more

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The NFL is a billion-dollar business – this is something that everybody knows. However, the National Football League in the US has never had a gambling company as their sponsor, though it could have been beneficial for both sides. Well, this is something that is about to change right now, since NFL is officially signing its first gaming deals! ... read more

Joe Biden faces a deadline. US politics moves fast and he has only two years before the mid-terms to get things done. The US electorate isn’t famous for its patience. You can pretty much bet on US politics to react quickly, especially if you don’t. Can Joe move fast enough and get enough done to satisfy dissatisfied Americans? Well, anyone in the US gambling laws concerning guns and infrastructure will be enough needs to think again. The real problems are far more complex. ... read more

Being a top athlete is also a  great responsibility as thousands of fans can follow your every movement. So everything you do has a huge importance from what clothes you’re wearing to the ideas you embrace. In recent years more and more people in sports have started to support movements about important issues like police brutality or gender equality. We collected a list of the top athletes involved in activism, let’s see them below.  ... read more

As the temperature has dropped dramatically in most parts of Europe, we can often see different athletes struggling with tough conditions. From football to rugby players who have to play in cold and snowy weather. Even skiers and other winter sports athletes can be affected by heavy winds and snowstorms. Sometimes big competitions or games can still go ahead in spite of these circumstances like it happened in these top sporting events in extreme winter conditions.  ... read more

The lives of the top athletes are never easy with continuous training, strict diets and tough competitions. No wonder that some of them had enough after a few years and decided to retire early. But they can have other reasons to do so like a sudden illness or a tragic loss. As we can see in the following examples of the most surprising retirements in sports history. ... read more

Lewis Hamilton’s seventh F1 world title, Bayern Munich’s treble and the Los Angeles Lakers’ first NBA title in 10 years all belong to the biggest sports victories in 2020. Even though this year was a strange and shortened season with many events being cancelled, we could still witness some great moments.  ... read more

This year might be different from any other year before but there can’t be Christmas without Premier League football. Luckily fans can still see the best of English football at the holidays. Just like some American sports and the PDC Darts World Championships which all belong to the best sports events at Christmas.  ... read more