Fans are very important parts of all kinds of sports but from time to time they are behind incidents which are truly shocking. From interrupting games and running to the pitch, fans are truly capable of anything in order to gain the attention of their favorite athletes. Of course cameramen and TV producers are also loving them, let’s see the most shocking fan moments in sports.  ... read more

The industry of fantasy sports has been booming these years. Some people might be skeptical about creating teams and rooting for them. However, fantasy sports allow you to look at the traditional game of football, baseball, and other games from a totally new perspective. Today, we are going to take a look at how and where to play real-time fantasy sports.  ... read more

The following sports stars are all world famous and loved by millions of fans thanks to their achievements and personalities. They are the best athletes in the most popular sports from football to NFL, tennis to basketball. Thanks to their victories not only their bank accounts got richer but their power as well. They are the most influential athletes in 2020.  ... read more

There are heated moments during games when one or sometimes both participants lose their patience and start to fight. It can easily happen in sports where physical contact is common like in ice hockey, rugby or american football. But players even in football or basketball can get wild like it has already happened in the biggest fights in the history of sports. ... read more

On April Fool’s Day we thought to make a list of the most entertaining athletes of all time. Who were not only great sportsmen but also real showmen, making everyone smile. From the biggest NBA stars to tennis players, most of them come from the US, the home of entertainment. ... read more

After 20 years, XFL is back thanks to Vince McMahon, who is mostly known as the chairman of WWF. While the act was failed in 2001, this time it seems that people are interested in another football league over the NFL. Still, there are plenty of controversial things about XFL. Is XFL scripted? Is it a real sports event or just a theatrical act that will have another loan season? Will there be a rivalry between  XFL and NFL? Let’s find out together. ... read more

Sports Stars in Jail

Even the biggest sports stars can commit crimes and break the law. From smaller offenses like an assault to the most serious one, murder, we can find athletes from all kinds of sports. Boxers to NFL players, football players to sprinters, they all passed a line they shouldn’t. Even though they had money, fame, and fortune, their bad nature caused them trouble. These are the most famous sports stars in jail.  ... read more

Unfortunately, injuries can happen with any athlete in any sport really. If you’re lucky, you can get away with some minor ones, but major ones can occur often too. Sadly they can cost the careers of some, but the athletes below are all great examples of amazing recoveries in sports.  ... read more

It is a special talent to be able to motivate athletes, to support them when they need them but also tell them their mistakes and if they are wrong. The best coaches of all time all managed to create great teams that went on winning, but at the same time, they were also loved by their players and fans as well.  ... read more

In the last century, from time to time there were teams in different sports from football to basketball, that were unbeatable, the best of their age, with no one getting close to them. Until they retired and another dream team appeared with similar qualities. Then comes the question, are they better than their predecessors, do they belong to the greatest teams in the history of sports?  ... read more