Nigel Farage

The global economy is shifting into recession and the Eurovision Song Contest ebbs ever closer. These are bleak times indeed. So to cheer you up Rory Stewart has been running for Mayor of London. A welcome piece of comedy relief. One only need glance at the 2020 London Mayoral election odds on Rory Stewart to gain a smile. 5/1 at online sportsbook sites in the UK, he hasn’t a prayer. Or, apparently, a bed of his own to sleep in. ... read more

As Bojo and Jeremy Hunt (a man who is his own rhyming slang) continue the hustings the Conservative leadership election odds for Boris Johnson at Bet365, one of the best places to bet on sports in the UK, keep him firm favorite. However, the future isn’t all that rosy even if he wins. With parliament fragmented over Brexit a general election could lurk just around the corner and that’ll provide some far more interesting wagers than the current conservative coronation. ... read more

With Theresa May having set her date of departure on June 7th the UK Conservative Leadership Election Odds can finally begin to mean something. There are plenty of candidates, lots of drama and the overriding sense that in light of their current popularity none of it will make any difference anyway. Well, not unless you hit up Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK, and bet on which of the present crop of wannabes you think will climb the greasy pole. ... read more

Having voted to leave the EU the UK now finds itself having to vote on whom to send to the EU represent it. No, I haven’t mistyped that, this is really what’s happening. To add mud to the mire at present the EU Election odds on the Brexit Party at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK these days, seem to indicate they’ll win the most seats. Indeed backing the Brexit Party could be the only way to benefit from this very British and ever more bizarre farcical situation. ... read more