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Meghan and Harry: where would gamblers be without them?! They keep on providing us with new topics to bet on, and new odds day by day. Of course, people have been betting on the Royal Family before them. But the Harry and Meghan special predictions give us more odds than any Royal couple ever before! ... read more

Getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum is a pretty big deal for artists in the business. The museum does not just keep documentation of the history of rock music. It also features all the artists, producers, engineers, and other important figures of the music business. So, it is not a surprise that every year before inducting the new figures, there is a big buzz around the topic. Let us see who has a chance to be one of the characters in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021.  ... read more

In Hollywood five years ago there was a joke that somewhere in the city sits a financial advisor who suggests all clients from show business invest in vodka. Indeed, the number of celebrity booze products is growing by leaps and bounds. Famous people have been advertising alcohol for as long as the media and the very concept of “celebrity” exist. However, in recent years they have begun to prefer a share in the company. Not everyone is good at it, but some make tens of millions of dollars on their name. In this article, we will check the odds of success for celebrity alcohol.  ... read more

When there is a new royal baby on the way, the gambling world is always waiting with bated breath. Is it going to be a boy or a girl? Are they going to name it after one of the greatest royalties? Or are they going to name it something unusual or even shocking? And they are not just asking the questions, they are also speculating, forming odds, and of course, trying to make some extra money out of it. So, this is the time, when we should revisit how to bet on royal babies’ names, and even other relating aspects. ... read more

This year Sydney will once again host some of the biggest names in Australia’s music industry at the ARIA Awards. Without a doubt, the ARIA Best Male Artist will be one of the top honours up for grabs. Fortunately, for Ruel fans, the singer is currently the top nominee to bet on 2020 ARIA Awards Best Male Artist.  ... read more

SAS Australia Celebrity will be one of the must-see shows on reality TV this fall. The show will put some of Aussie’s household names through the gruelling Special Armed Service selection process. Currently, comedian Merrick Watts has the best SAS Australia 2020 betting odds to pass the brutal course. ... read more

Finland’s answer to the Oscars, the Jussi Awards will soon be live to honour the talents in Finnish cinema. Once again, the Best Actor and Best Actress will be among the sought after awards. According to our Jussi Awards Actor and Actress predictions, Pekka Strang and Mimosa Willamo are strong contenders for the 2020 honours.  ... read more

The Next Irish Green Party leader odds are out after Cathrine Martin confirmed she will run against Eamon Ryan. With the 2020 General Election happening in February, Green Party rules state the leadership position should be opened within six months of the elections. So, where does each candidate stand? And what are the winning odds for both of them? ... read more