Odds on Australia

Only those who like to bet on Australia in sports are still interested in a bet on the Ashes now. Certainly, no one thinks a bet on England is any more attractive simply because they got a draw in the 4th Test in Sydney. Joe Root, England Captain, is talking up the positives. Of course. But online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 barely give the tourists any chance of winning. They are offering Final Ashes Test odds that make another draw the best Joe can hope for really. ... read more

You can always bet on the Ashes to entertain, especially if you’re Australian. If you’re English your perspective may diverge somewhat. Indeed a quick glance at the latest Ashes odds, at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365, tells you all you need know. Two-nil down after just two games, England would now require a miracle to win the Ashes. Indeed some say they’ll need a good slice of luck to come out with even a single Test victory. So will Australia win 5-0? Maybe. ... read more

Typically, a bet on Test Cricket is a rather delicate affair. One must trawl through the stats, look at the conditions, eye the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Well. Usually. Unfortunately, after Australia destroyed England in the first match the odds on the Ashes are now very stark indeed. England might even lose all five games if they’re not careful. So, if you are going to take advantage of Australian gambling laws to bet on the Ashes, you’ll have to find another angle. ... read more

Your choices are quite limited if you like to bet on sports in the UK over the winter. Joe Root and Chris Silverwood, in charge of the England Ashes side, have the same problem. They’re still to name their final XI and whilst you can bet on Ben Stokes to change things up, issues remain. Still his return to the side does mean your bet on the best England batsman in the series gets more fun. Even if it doesn’t sort out England’s middle-order morass or their odds on the Ashes at Bet365. ... read more

English cricket fans will read the odds on the Ashes and despair. Online bookies in the UK like Bet365 give England very little chance of winning. Still, that shouldn’t deter those of you who like to bet on sports in the UK over the winter. Sure, England’s Ashes odds are dire, but when weren’t they? And, if there were ever an Ashes series in which the cricket itself has to shine; This is it. If the on-field play can’t distract the media, cricket will find itself getting knocked for six. ... read more

You can always bet on the Ashes to entertain. Sure, you can’t always bet on Test cricket to glue you to your seat, but the soap opera surrounding it will. Normally, you’d not bet on Australia to win the Ashes after losing their captain to scandal. They’d be all at sea. But this time round? Not so much. As the odds on the Ashes at online betting sites in Australia make clear, they’re still going to win. Mostly, it has to be said, because England are bringing their own, bigger, baggage. ... read more

We’ve seen this before. England arrive to fight for the Ashes with about as much chance of winning as getting collectively struck by lightning. Unfortunately, England’s test side appear hanging by a single thread at present. Alas, you simply can’t win tournaments at this level with a team firing on just one cylinder. Thus, Australia really are the only sensible bet on the Ashes. Hence the odds on England at online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 are so long. ... read more

Eoin Morgan moves from leading the Kolkata Knight Riders to captaining England with barely a breather. Of course, it’s easier for him. Unlike Joe Root over on the Test side, Eoin doesn’t have to carry the entire team by himself. The team play well and get good results. That’s why you can get 4/1 on them as a bet on the T20 World Cup from online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. They’ve a good chance of taking home the trophy. However, the tournament breeds surprises. ... read more

The age old grudge match will go ahead. Once again England and Australia will face off through five Tests for possession of The Ashes. Whilst the tour looked in doubt for a while, authorities came to an agreement and it’s all systems go. Not that online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 give the tourists much chance. Indeed if you are going to bet on the Ashes it seems like there’s only one real choice. England might really be going, but they’re really going to lose. ... read more