Odds on Emmanuel Macron

Despite all the other little trials and tribulations 2022 brought with it France goes to the polls in April. They will hold a first round on the 10th and, if necessary, a second round on the 24th. Those who like to bet on politics in France on a regular basis will already have their bet on the French presidential election at Bet365 planned out. For the rest of us a quick look at the odds on the French presidential election are in order, because there’s very definitely some opportunities here. ... read more

The French presidential election in 2022 will pit the incumbent, Emmanuel Macron, against a far-right challenger. Fortunately, that challenger is unlikely to win. Marine Le Pen has travelled this road before and not really got anywhere. That’s why the far-right may well bet on Eric Zemmour, firebrand TV presenter instead of the Nation Rally stalwarts. He may not have declared his run yet but he’s already getting better odds than them at online betting sites in France like Bet365. ... read more