Odds on F1

Now we’ve all calmed down perhaps we can reevaluate the end of the 2021 F1 season without the shouting. Everyone has an opinion, of course, but F1 bosses have the only one that matters. Naturally, you can bet on Formula One to announce this the wrong way. They have said they will reveal what happened two days before the start of 2022’s season. Classic. So, you have to take the odds on F1 at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 with a pinch of salt. Lewis may quit. ... read more

In the past we’ve seen F1 seasons done and dusted by now. Not this year. This year we’re going to be on the edge of our seats until the final chequered flag. With just two races left, Max Verstappen leads the championship, but not by enough to clinch it. That’s why online sportsbook sites in Saudi Arabia like Bet365 have started to lean towards Mercedes. They now give Lewis Hamilton much better odds on the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix than on the Dutchman. ... read more

Those who enjoy putting a bet on F1 will delight in the championship still hanging in the balance. By now, in recent years, Mercedes have already snaffled the trophies. So with just two races left fans get to see the two title rivals go head to head with everything to play for. Hence, you can find some great prices for a bet on the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix at online betting sites in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Online bookies like Bet365 just aren’t sure, and their F1 odds reflect that. ... read more

Both Red Bull and Mercedes are now pulling out all the stops. There’s only three races left before the end of the season and their drivers are barely 19 points apart. That’s as close as these things get. One bad pitstop, one technical failure, one driver error, and it’s all over for either of them. So whilst online sportsbook sites in Qatar like Bet365 might give Lewis better Qatar Grand Prix odds right now, that may not mean much. Not at a circuit F1 has never visited before. ... read more

No one was very impressed with the Mexican Grand Prix but now the circus moves on to Brazil and Interlagos. Last time F1 was here Max Verstappen won out, but can he do it again under the pressure of leading the championship? Certainly online sportsbook sites in Brazil seem to believe he can. Bet365 currently gives the Dutchman 4/6 to come out a winner. This means heading into the end of the season Red Bull have a lot to smile about, Mercedes not so much. ... read more

We all knew it would happen sometime. They’ve come together before at Silverstone. So, we knew the odds on the F1 Drivers championship rivals crashing out together sometime were quite short. Fans also know odds on the Russian Grand Prix seeing a similar incident are also quite short. Neither one will change their driving style. So whilst you can bet on the Russian Grand Prix at online betting sites in Russia like Bet365, it’s quite a risky wager. Which only makes it more fun. ... read more

The odds on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for the Portuguese Grand Prix will please F1 fans. They’re dead level at most online betting sites in Portugal like Bet365. That means we’re likely to see quite the race on Sunday. With luck, this should distract fans from the new ideas that Liberty Media and the FIA want to try. But if you’re going to bet on F1 this weekend, just who has the edge? Should you really bet on Red Bull or take up the bookies’ odds on Mercedes? ... read more

A bet on Max Verstappen to win the Emilia Grand Prix is no bad wager. The odds on Red Bull now hover ahead of their Mercedes rivals. However, on the evidence of Bahrain, the seachange in F1 they promised hasn’t arrived. Putting a bet on Lewis Hamilton is still just as valid as it was last year. So we have a close season ahead. Great stuff. Just a shame, then, that your bet on F1, at online sportsbook sites in Italy like Bet365, remains under the influence of external influences. ... read more