Odds on India

You can always bet on T20 cricket to provide the odd surprise. Games can turn on a good knock or a spectacular bowling spell. However, we didn’t really bet on the T20 World Cup delivering a seismic shock in the first few days. India, the favorites, got battered by Pakistan of all people in their first game. So if this is how it starts, where does it all end? Online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 have had to adjust their odds on India, and Virat Kohli looks decidedly downbeat. ... read more

Eoin Morgan moves from leading the Kolkata Knight Riders to captaining England with barely a breather. Of course, it’s easier for him. Unlike Joe Root over on the Test side, Eoin doesn’t have to carry the entire team by himself. The team play well and get good results. That’s why you can get 4/1 on them as a bet on the T20 World Cup from online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. They’ve a good chance of taking home the trophy. However, the tournament breeds surprises. ... read more

When England cancelled the four-day tour of Pakistan, it did itself no favors. Most observers will view it as a self-interested, quite mercenary, decision. Thus you can bet on the T20 World Cup to involve more than just cricket. We’re bound to see an off-pitch narrative, especially if the two sides meet. Anyone in the UK gambling laws of propriety will prevent the odd comment from slipping out is probably wrong. Not that the odds on the T20 World Cup at Bet365 will change much. ... read more

England didn’t have a particularly good summer. They first lost their way against India, then had the chance to save at least a little dignity snatched away from them. Indeed a bet on Test cricket backing England now seems folly. However, if you bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 you’ll know T20 cricket is a different matter. Eoin Morgan has had far more luck than Joe Root, for a start. Sure, they’re not the best bet on the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, but they may still win. ... read more

Well we all got our hopes up and what happened? They played brilliantly, then poorly and then England folded up like soggy origami. Root’s batsmen looked all at sea against the sharp Indian attack. So as India recovered from their 1st innings slaughter, England faded away. Online sportsbooks in the UK like Bet365 thus rather suspect they’ll do it again. Hence they’re not at first glance a particularly good bet on the 5th Test, despite all that’s at stake. Whereas India are. ... read more

We’ve been here before. England put on a dazzling display of remarkably effective Test cricket and we swoon impressed. What typically happens next, as those who regularly bet on sports in the UK, and bet on Test cricket in particular, will tell you, is England lose. Lose badly. We get our hopes up and wander over to Bet365 to bet on England against India, only to see those hopes dashed. It’s almost traditional. However, you won’t convince Joe Root it has to be like that. ... read more

Those of us who like to bet on sports in the UK, and bet on Test cricket in particular, found the 1st Test a struggle. England batted as if they’d never seen a cricket ball before, and India got nervy after their first wicket. Fortunately, for both sides, the rain arrived and the match ended in a draw. However with no clear lead going into the 2nd Test the odds on England at Bet365 have slid a tad. They’re now back on 6/5 with their opposition, India, rising up to around 6/4 to win the series. ... read more

England had to field a second string side. Five new caps. Stokes as captain. It was all a bit budget. However, their complete domination of Pakistan in the ODI series shows just how good England are at white-ball cricket now. They evidently have a depth of squad to envy. So, whilst the odds on India are shorter at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, England are perhaps the better wager. They’re a 4/1 bet on the T20 World Cup and those prices are worth snapping up. ... read more

After their humiliation at the hands of New Zealand, the odds on England recovering to beat India or, later on, Australia in the Ashes, look ridiculously remote. Their mentality was all wrong, their technique dire and their strategy insane. So that’s why online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 now give them such long prices to win the Ashes. From the selectors on down England got it all completely wrong and no one is quite sure if they’ll be able to correct the errors in time. ... read more

England went into this three match One Day International with high hopes. They’d come close to a series win in the T20 matches. They might win. That said, the ODI odds on England were never very good. India have improved as this tour went on. England, not so much. Eoin Morgan is sadly sticking to his guns despite firing blanks. Oh well. The silver lining is, of course, India are getting great odds to win the T20 World Cup now at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. ... read more