Odds on Max Verstappen

Any Austrian gambling laws of cause and effect are optional needs to think again. Logic enjoys a certain regularity. So, if you hold the same race twice, chances are you’ll get the same result twice. Which means you can bet on the Austrian Grand Prix repeating the result of the Styrian Grand Prix last weekend. That’s great news for Max Verstappen, who won, and Red Bull which now leads the championship. Just a shame not everyone is happy for them, right Lewis? ... read more

After the second corner at Paul Ricard you’d have bet on Lewis Hamilton winning the French Grand Prix. He failed, or perhaps, Mercedes failed. Red Bull, on the other hand, won. However just because Max Verstappen is now 12 points ahead doesn’t mean this season is over. Yes, Red Bull are now leading the Constructors championship odds at online betting sites in Austria like Bet365. True. However, you can bet on F1 in 2021 having a few more surprises up its sleeves. ... read more

With the postponed Euro in full swing you can probably bet on the 2021 French Grand Prix going largely unnoticed. Whilst that may worry the FIA, most of the drivers won’t really mind. The Paul Ricard circuit produces dull racing. So, even as online sportsbook sites in France like Bet365 offer up odds on Max Verstappen or a bet on Lewis Hamilton the grid, is looking ahead. However, with a new surface, dodgy tires and fraying nerves, who said either of them will win? ... read more

The odds on the 2021 French Grand Prix imply it’s a two horse race. Naturally, one can take that with a pinch of salt after Baku. Neither of the realistic title contenders finished in the points. Now anyone who regularly puts a bet on sports in France will tell you Baku is special. It’s a street circuit and those are different. At Paul Ricard, they claim, normality will resume. But will it? The tires let some cars down in Azerbaijan, and on the long straights near Marseille they may do so again. ... read more

You can always bet on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix to provide some exciting moments. Having escaped the tight streets of Monaco, teams find themselves on the far faster streets of Baku instead. Instead of the margin of error opening up, it tightens. Which might explain why the odds on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix are so harsh. Online sportsbook sites in Azerbaijan like Bet365 really only give the top four drivers a chance. But this is Baku in 2021. Predictable? I think not. ... read more

There are precious few options if you want to bet on sports in Monaco. Unless you’re into fifth rate football or offshore powerboat racing, F1 is about it. Alas, as usual, you can bet on the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix to be a mixture of high glamour and low expectations. All the glitz you could ever wish for, just such a shame about the actual racing. Narrow streets and wide cars means overtaking is all but impossible. So this one will probably be settled during qualifying. ... read more

So, it begins. With a massive season still spread out ahead of them the title contenders remain on good terms. We know this because they’ve said so. Of course, those who regularly puts a bet on sports in the UK, will take that with a pinch of salt. Anyone looking at the 2021 odds on F1 at Bet365 or similar knows it probably won’t last. Especially not if their season scores don’t diverge a lot more than they already have. The end of a close season could see a very different attitude. ... read more

If ever there were a moment to take advantage of Portuguese gambling laws to bet on F1 this is it. As the F1 circus descends on the Algarve International Circuit for the third race of the season, the fight is on. Lewis Hamilton remains in the lead of the championship but Max Verstappen is hard on his heels. Red Bull really is competitive this year. So, with just one point separating them, you can bet on the Portuguese Grand Prix to provide everything you could want from an F1 race. ... read more

A bet on Max Verstappen to win the Emilia Grand Prix is no bad wager. The odds on Red Bull now hover ahead of their Mercedes rivals. However, on the evidence of Bahrain, the seachange in F1 they promised hasn’t arrived. Putting a bet on Lewis Hamilton is still just as valid as it was last year. So we have a close season ahead. Great stuff. Just a shame, then, that your bet on F1, at online sportsbook sites in Italy like Bet365, remains under the influence of external influences. ... read more

Red Bull may have the faster car, but Mercedes have the better driver. You can bet on Lewis Hamilton continually hinting at this for the rest of the year. However, after their win in the first race of the year, Mercedes know they have a fight on their hands. The Bahrain GP far was closer than many had predicted. So, now over on Bet365 and other online betting sites in Italy Max Verstappen gets parity in the F1 odds. But just how long will this apparent equality really last? ... read more