Odds on Mercedes

Those who enjoy putting a bet on F1 will delight in the championship still hanging in the balance. By now, in recent years, Mercedes have already snaffled the trophies. So with just two races left fans get to see the two title rivals go head to head with everything to play for. Hence, you can find some great prices for a bet on the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix at online betting sites in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Online bookies like Bet365 just aren’t sure, and their F1 odds reflect that. ... read more

Both Red Bull and Mercedes are now pulling out all the stops. There’s only three races left before the end of the season and their drivers are barely 19 points apart. That’s as close as these things get. One bad pitstop, one technical failure, one driver error, and it’s all over for either of them. So whilst online sportsbook sites in Qatar like Bet365 might give Lewis better Qatar Grand Prix odds right now, that may not mean much. Not at a circuit F1 has never visited before. ... read more

No one was very impressed with the Mexican Grand Prix but now the circus moves on to Brazil and Interlagos. Last time F1 was here Max Verstappen won out, but can he do it again under the pressure of leading the championship? Certainly online sportsbook sites in Brazil seem to believe he can. Bet365 currently gives the Dutchman 4/6 to come out a winner. This means heading into the end of the season Red Bull have a lot to smile about, Mercedes not so much. ... read more

Max Verstappen is still on course to win his first championship, the Mexican Grand Prix odds say as much. However, reigning champ Lewis Hamilton could still spoil his dream. F1 fans haven’t seen a title race this close in a long time and those who like to bet on sports in Mexico are taking full advantage. Better yet we’re starting to hear about the arrangements for next year when new cars and regulations are set to shake things up. Just don’t bet on F1 or Pirelli getting it right. ... read more

Once the Circuit of the Americas was a source of points for Lewis Hamilton. This year alas it proved a rather sore point. He still scored, but it was by no means enough. Max Verstappen held off the reigning champion to take another win and move further ahead in the points. Which means the Mexican Grand Prix odds, at online betting sites in Mexico like Bet365, will not make nice reading for Hamilton or Mercedes. They’re running out of time to take this to the wire. ... read more

The odds on the 2021 F1 season have solidified behind the battle for the championship. Both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen get realistic prices and everyone else is a longshot at best. The odds on the Turkish Grand Prix at online sportsbook sites in the Turkey like Bet365, and indeed the odds on the 2021 F1 World Championship, lean, towards Max. However, neither he nor Lewis Hamilton will actually admit to feeling even the slightest bit of pressure. ... read more

For a while, it looked as if the Russian Grand Prix might give us some clarity. Fans would get to see one or other of the title rivals pull ahead. However, that’s not how the race in Sochi panned out. So Max and Lewis are still locked in mortal combat for that Championship win and you can’t bet on the Turkish Grand Prix to settle things. Both drivers get very similar odds on the Turkish Grand Prix, at online betting sites in Turkey like Bet365. So will we just get a parade? ... read more

Do you remember when the two title rivals professed their deep admiration and respect for each other? Well that’s all over. Now Lewis Hamilton is ladling on the patronizing passive aggression and Max is getting cute with the sarcasm. So whilst Mercedes get short odds on the Russian Grand Prix at Bet365 and the like, we’re only a pit stop away from another collision. So, if you’re looking to bet on sports in Russia this weekend, you might want to look at some of the other options. ... read more

The Belgian Grand Prix was a washout and the Dutch Grand Prix a parade, so maybe Monza can give fans what they want. Real racing. Unfortunately, the fast curves of Monza mean speed is king which gives Verstappen an edge. But that doesn’t mean you can bet on Red Bull having it all their own way. Online sportsbook sites in Italy like Bet365 may not give them much chance but you can’t bet on Mercedes to just give up. Just as you can’t bet on Ferrari to try. And fail. ... read more

As the UK chases normality you can bet on the British Grand Prix to be anything but typical. F1 is trialing a new format this weekend and no one is quite sure if it will work. Changes to Formula One usually don’t, at least not as intended. So, this experiment should fascinate fans and critics alike. There’s an air of unpredictability. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 underline that by not offering odds on the sprint race yet. And if the bookies can’t even make a guess…… ... read more