Odds on the IPL

As the Indian Premier League edges towards a climax, the pundits have begun to extrapolate. Not only are they now touting the likely outcome of this tournament, but contests yet to start. Some are looking at the 2021 IPL odds at online betting sites in India like Bet365, and justifying all sorts of opinions. But just how much can you take away from this disjointed season played in two halves in two different countries? Is it fair to judge teams, captains and players on these results? ... read more

You almost forgot, didn’t you? But after that unscheduled hiatus the contest returns, albeit in a different country. With the United Arab Emirates hosting the players are back at the crease and raring to go. But don’t think they’re just going through the motions. Chennai and Kolkata have already come out blasting setting the tone for the rest of the series. So, if you haven’t yet bet on the 2021 IPL at any of the online betting sites in India, say Bet365, now’s the time to do it. ... read more

If you still had any doubts about taking up the odds on the Chennai Super Kings, they’ve done much to erase them. Their victory over the RCB was a classic. They look capable of challenging for the title this year, and are thus a very tempting bet on the 2021 IPL. Naturally, the Capitals are still favorites, but online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 have seen the IPL odds shifting. Whilst Chennai have closed up to just 7/2 the Sunrisers Hyderabad have drifted off into the sunset. ... read more

It’s been a fabulous tournament. We have seen examples of the very best Cricket has to offer. Both with bat and ball players have excelled themselves on every side producing magnificent matches. But we’ve reached the point where four teams move on and four drop out. So if you’ve not seen the odds on the IPL yet, now’s the time. Online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 have all you need to bet on the 2020 IPL winner, but should you back their favorite; Mumbai? ... read more

Those of you who have already bet on the 2020 IPL will have watched fascinated. It is one of the closest and hardest fought series in the history of the tournament. There have been dramatic highs and groan-inducing lows. A superb showcase for T20 cricket, the season is rapidly reaching the knockout stages. So, we take a look at some online betting sites in India like Bet365 to check out the odds on the IPL qualifiers this year. Just which four teams will battle it out for the trophy? ... read more

It had everything. The thrill of chariots, the power of horses and the possibility of horrific deaths. It’s precisely what we need to cheer up these bleak days of ours. However, anyone seeking to discover how to bet on Roman Chariot races will be disappointed. They don’t really have them anymore. So, if we want to see online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 offering this sort of exciting wager once more we’ll need to get it off the ground again, and here’s how to do it. ... read more