Odds on the Liberal Democrats

Once upon a time you could bet on politics in the UK to remain a touch staid and dull. However, over the last few years it seems to have livened up considerably. Now parliament is all but a Punch & Judy show with talking points. We have seen the dull grey suits go with lawyers and clowns replacing them. So whilst it seems obvious you should bet on Boris Johnson losing his job soon, you may want to opt the other way. This isn’t the politics of even a few years ago. ... read more

Those who like to bet on politics in the UK can enjoy a rare treat this month. They can bet on the Liberal Democrats to win something without even a hint of irony. Yes, the Liberal Democrats are back. They’re currently your best bet on the North Shropshire by-election. Online bookies in the UK like Bet365 give them better odds than even the Conservatives, who typically win this seat. So is this the moment the Tories realize just how much damage Boris has done to them? ... read more