Olympic Games

Are you watching the 2022 Winter Olympic games? Well if you don’t know what to do while you are waiting for your favorite players to go, this article is for you! Keep on reading and find out about the most epic Winter Olympic games ever! ... read more

Unfortunately there are several wars still going on in different countries around the world. Sport can be a great motivation and sometimes key for a better life for people living in dangerous circumstances. As they can escape and make a life in another country but still continue to practice their sports. Or stay and achieve fantastic results in tough conditions. Just like the following top athletes from war zones did.  ... read more

The shooting competition starts tomorrow, on the first day of the 2020 Olympics. The first gold medals of the Games can be also won in this sport. In the men’s 10m air pistol and in the women’s 10m air rifle. Where Indian athletes are in the top favorites according to the Olympic Shooting winner odds.  ... read more

The men’s football tournament in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is held between the 21st of July and 7th of August. 16 teams will compete for the gold medal including the defending champions, Brazil. Whose team is mentioned in the top favorites by the 2020 Olympics Football winner odds again along with Spain and France.  ... read more

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is only 16 days away so it’s time to collect the best athletes who can shine at the Games. First we take a look at the top Asian female athletes. Like tennis superstar Naomi Osaka, Indian badminton player Pusarla V. Sindhu or Hong Kong track cyclist Sarah Lee Wai-sze. They all have a real chance of winning an Olympic medal just like the next athletes mentioned below.  ... read more

Fans love to collect their favorite team’s or player’s relics from posters to baseball caps. But some of them are taking their collections so seriously that they don’t mind paying huge amounts of money for anything signed or owned by an athlete. Let’s see the list of the most precious sports relics which also include historical pieces.  ... read more

Worst Comebacks in Sport

After a successful sports career some athletes decide to return back to professional sports. But these comebacks didn’t always prove to be successful as we can see in the following examples. Even the Greatest, Muhammad Ali’s return was disappointing and belongs to the worst comebacks in sport.  ... read more

The lives of the top athletes are never easy with continuous training, strict diets and tough competitions. No wonder that some of them had enough after a few years and decided to retire early. But they can have other reasons to do so like a sudden illness or a tragic loss. As we can see in the following examples of the most surprising retirements in sports history. ... read more