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Lights, Web Camera, Action! They may have moved the Oscars online and attempted diversity but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a hit this year. The potential for disaster is manifest. Thus you too can tuning in to laugh at the big names in Hollywood appear like your aunty Doris on Zoom. However, why not take advantage of US gambling laws and check out the 2021 Oscars betting odds too? Bovada are offering some great odds, just perhaps not on the foregone conclusions. ... read more

With the Republicans apparently unwilling to step back from Trumpist politics Democrats face a tricky choice in 2024. Do they run Kamala Harris, or will Joe Biden want another term? Online betting sites in the US like Bovada aren’t sure which way Democrats will jump. They aren’t even sure Joe will even finish this term. As US politics flounders in a malaise of misinformation, the odds on Joe Biden seem irrelevant. He’s too old. But then should you really bet on Kamala Harris? ... read more

Dustin Johnson remains favorite in the odds on the 2021 Masters. However, Jordan Spieth winning the Valero Texas Open last weekend puts him back in the frame. It was the perfect time to end a four-year win-drought. So, now online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are offering the same odds on Jordan Spieth as they do on Bryson Dechambeau and Justin Thomas. But does this really mean you should bet on Jordan Spieth to win a Green Jacket this weekend? ... read more

We knew the odds on Donald Trump quietly retiring from public politics were massively lengthy. However mostly cut off from social media and the mainstream press, he has had issues. Getting his message out has proved difficult. However, this doesn’t prevent online betting sites in the US like Bovada giving him tolerable odds to win in 2024. Perhaps they believe Trump’s message is still one people wish to hear. Certainly, his appearance at a wedding recently indicates it hasn’t changed. ... read more

The rival campaigns seem to have bet on the 2021 New York mayoral election only getting fiercer. Gone is the veneer of polite politics. The gloves have come off. Now it’s every man for himself. This is mostly because online betting sites in the US like Bovada have started giving Andrew Yang far shorter odds. So, his rivals, spurred on by having little to lose, have chosen to take the celebrity candidate head on. But can any of the locals eclipse this political rising star? ... read more

You can always bet on US politics, as you can bet on sports in the US, to contain a fair amount of razzamatazz. There’s a certain air of showmanship to the candidates. A distinct whiff of performance to their polished appearance. However, following Donald Trump’s win in 2016 it would appear political experience isn’t really necessary. So are we about to see the age of celebrity candidates? The odds on the 2024 US Presidential election certainly contain a few. ... read more

Defeat at the hands of Ian Poulter at the WGC Match Play is just the latest hiccup on the road to Augusta. Rory McIlroy is hungry for the Green Jacket but has definitely not shown the potential everyone knows he has. This means the 2021 Masters odds available at online betting sites in the US don’t reflect well upon him. But could the significance of Augusta snap him out of these dire doldrums? The bookies like Bovada don’t think so, and Dustin Johnson is a tough act to beat. ... read more

As the Academy announces the nominees, you can almost hear the sighs of relief. Look, they’ve chosen some women and black people this year. Aren’t they inclusive? Who could ever have thought otherwise? However, beyond this wonderful harmony the Oscars suddenly represent a nightmare lurks. The Golden Globes proved that the odds on the 2021 Oscars going without a hitch are so short online sportsbook sites in the US like Bet365 wouldn’t even give you a price. ... read more

Augusta beckons but for first time in a long time it will lack one of the greatest ever golfers; Tiger Woods. Players will doubtless express their concern and well wishes, as would we all, but it means one less attractive bet on the Masters. Oh sure, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada weren’t giving Tiger great chances, but now he doesn’t have any. That’s a real shame. Maybe in time he’ll come back again, but for now we need to look for another player to back. ... read more

The democrats pulled no punches as they presented evidence against the former President before the Senate. It was emotive, hard-hitting and dramatic. However, in face of this overwhelming proof, Senate Republicans appear unconcerned. So, the odds on the Senate convicting Donald Trump remain massively long. So Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada can offer all the prices it wants. Sadly, the reality is US Republicans are still putting party before country. ... read more