Online bookies in the UK

Two years ago, when he won the leadership with a dull 56%, most people bet on Keir Starmer not lasting long. Now he’s coming into his own as he leads the political prosecution of Boris Johnson’s government. So where once you’d not have even considered a bet on the Labour Party winning the next election, right now you have to. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 will give you relatively long odds on the Labour Party, which just makes them more tempting. ... read more

Some of you may miss F1 and its soap opera of paddock petulance, however you can still bet on motorsport. The World Rally Championship, for instance, roars into life this weekend as the field streak towards Monte Carlo. Sure, the days of Group B insanity are gone, but to make up for it a Welshman is leading the field this year. Yup, that’s right, currently, your best bet on the 2022 WRC at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 is Elfyn Evans. But can he really win it? ... read more

January makes for hard racing. Conditions can range from the simply chilly to the utterly horrific. However if you want to bet on the National Hunt season now’s the time to start. In of itself a bet on the Clarence House Chase might seem a tad dour, but it tells such a tale. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 will watch closely to see which of the runners looks tasty. They know many will turn up in bigger races, and two of them haven’t lost a race in literally years. ... read more

Snooker is now well beyond its heyday. Where once we would deride endless hours of coverage on television, now it’s barely noticeable. The latest generation of stars haven’t reached the heights of public awareness their forebears did. Well. All save one. Ronnie O’Sullivan. He’s still out there potting away, and is a good bet on the 2022 Masters too. However, he faces some stiff competition, as the odds on the Masters at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 indicate. ... read more

Sports-wise, there’s a lot going on in 2022. We can look forward to plenty of great opportunities to take advantage of UK gambling laws at Bet365. Rugby in particular is going to offer up a string of highlights to wager on. The first of these, is, of course, a bet on the Six Nations. Wales are back to defend their title, but with England showing promise and Ireland on form, can they? Or should we all just back the French to turn up and run away with it and win a Grand Slam? ... read more

Cultural icons are tricky things to translate. Much as you can explain to those from abroad the significance, they’ll never truly understand. So trying to explain to someone who likes to bet on sports in the UK why they should care about the odds on the next Doctor Who is tough. Where do you start? However perhaps this time round things are a little easier since Richard Ayoade is in the running thus obviously your best bet on the next Doctor Who. He was born for the role. ... read more

Online bookies in the UK are now offering just 8/11 odds on Boris Johnson losing his job next year. This isn’t a massive surprise. His government has stumbled from corruption and disastrous incompetence to an outrageous level of conceited hubris. The public are losing faith. Just ask voters in North Shropshire. That means the Tories will start looking for a new leader, and if you like to bet on politics in the UK at sites like Bet365 now’s the time to choose your favorite. ... read more

If you ask where you can find Old Bexley & Sidcup odds are people won’t know. Not unless they live there. It hovers on the southeast outskirts of London and is, electorally, a safe Conservative seat. That’s why online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are giving the Tories just 1/20 to hold it in the up-coming by-election. However, as the government flits from scandal to scandal just how much of their majority will they lose? And how much is too much to keep Boris about? ... read more

No one likes watching someone go mad. Mental illness still carries a considerable stigma in our society. So seeing the Prime Minister go off his rocker is awfully embarrassing, especially for the Conservative Party. They, alas, will have no one but themselves to blame. We all saw this coming. They knew what they were getting into. Now they want out. That’s why a bet on Boris Johnson leaving in 2022 gets such short prices at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. ... read more