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Many of you, particularly those outside the UK, may find this hard to understand. Some people will eschew a bet on sports in the UK and instead bet on who’ll be the next time lord. This is odd because Doctor Who is a children’s television programme. However, people fixate on who’ll take up control of the Tardis next. Lots of them (admittedly mostly the geeks) will place a bet on the next Doctor Who at Bet365 too. So is this just more British eccentricity or is it more serious? ... read more

You have to feel a little sorry for Scotland. For a while at Murrayfield it looked like they had another game in the bag. Unfortunately, the Welsh had other ideas. Unlike England, they didn’t wilt under pressure and struck back. That Welsh win means Scotland are now no more than a very optimistic bet on the 2021 Six Nations. France still get the best odds on the Six Nations at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. But does that mean they’re now a shoo-in for the win? ... read more

Online sportsbook sites in the UK are offering 3/1 odds on India against England. Not to merely win the series, you ought note, but to do so without loss. That has to sting. The tourists have just had a very successful warm up in Sri Lanka. Their optimism is at an all-time high. Now they face a reality check as they go up against arguably the best side in the world. It may go down in the annals of cricket as a very rude awakening indeed. So, is a bet on England in India daft? ... read more

They could prevent so much pain and misery. Divert us from this course that puts us all in harm’s way. Haven’t we all suffered enough? Has there not been enough trauma? Enough anguish? Must we really now face a cold, harsh winter in the face of this terribly, insidious, creeping nightmare? Perhaps not. There are rays of hope. You can still, at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, bet on Justin Bieber & the NHS, or indeed the PopVox Choir, shutting out Ladbaby. ... read more