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If you are looking for new gambling games to bring you some cash, check how to play deuces. This popular card game has lots of varieties at online casinos to entertain you more than ever. Read our guide to learn more about deuce games and where to find them. ... read more

If you consider casino card games too risky to play for real money, check how to play Punto Banco. This is one of the easiest games to play online with a big chance of winning. Baccarat fans will like it the most, as Punto Banco is pretty similar to it – take a look at the rules now! ... read more

Everyone should have seen popular gambling card tricks at least once, either in movies or during illusionist performances. If you have always dreamt to repeat them, here are some hocus-pocus tricks that are really easy to repeat. ... read more

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How horoscope gambling strategies can help you win? Believe it or not, there is a connection between your sign and the way you gamble. You might have noticed that there was always some kind of mystery in your life that you couldn’t explain. Well, you should try to turn to astrology as it uncovers secrets about you, your personality and strongest sides which you can use in gambling. ... read more

What are PRNGs?

So what are PRNGs? Well, let’s start at the beginning. You’ve found an online casino where you want to spend both money and time. You’ve logged in and everything is looking peachy. Yet there’s this nagging voice that’s telling you the games are all rigged in favor of the online casino. That you have no chance of winning and are simply being played as a sucker. To put your mind at rest, that’s where PRNGs come into play. ... read more

When it comes to online card games and myths and facts, gamblers and card players are a superstitious bunch. They like to believe that there is more to luck than just chance. You can find them seriously studying the previous numbers at the roulette wheel with a notebook and pen in hand. Scouring the horse betting card, searching for some sort of pattern that will lead them to the next number, and the dopamine rush of a win. ... read more

So what’s the symbolism behind card suits? On the whole, card games are not considered as games needing skill. Historically, we see them as connected to luck or chance. This dovetails nicely into the ideas of astrology. Or magic. Of the fates choosing our path. Or not! ... read more