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Imagine that your friend offers an acquaintance with an interesting young man, but at the same time mentions that he is very passionate about gambling. Will you agree to meet him in this case? Most likely you will refuse. And this is understandable because the concept of a “male gambler” is associated with the risk of losing money, eternal debts, and creditors. But is this always true? And is gambling so dangerous? If a young man likes to spend time with friends playing poker or occasionally plays online slots, it does not mean that his sad future is predetermined. Moreover, on the contrary, this fact points to his intellectuality and innate ability to control his emotions. To make this situation clearer, we have decided to look at what it’s like to date a gambler.  ... read more

One of the main reasons why gambling fans prefer to play in online casinos is a wide selection of bonus offers. The most common bonuses are considered free spins. They give players a chance to increase their winnings with minimal cash costs. However, at the same time they are an effective brand promotion strategy. Thus, online casinos increase their profit and, consequently, the number of active customers. In our article, we will discuss how to win real money with free spins.  ... read more

Craps, such as roulette and blackjack, is one of the traditional casino games, no matter if we talk about online casinos or the land-based ones. Since there is normally a variety of wagers, this game is considered one of the hardest casino games ever. This article is about the origins, evolution, and history of Craps, so it is worth reading! ... read more

Many casino players think that they cannot adequately protect themselves. However, there are multiple options nowadays for how to play anonymously in online casinos. If you have similar fears about keeping your identity safe, you must read this article, which contains several ways to dissolve your worry! ... read more

A large number of famous people love gambling. For them, it has become the best way to relax from the daily rush. Some of the stars manage to participate even in professional tournaments. Moreover, they often win while having managed to get around a huge number of experienced rivals. But who are those famous celebrity gamblers? Let’s take a look at the big-name American players! ... read more

Baccarat or baccara is a card game played at casinos. It is a comparing card game played between two hands, the “player” and the “banker”. Live baccarat is an easy game, where you only have to make one decision – whether to bet on the Player or the Banker. The winning hand is the one with the higher score. It is strictly a game of luck and chance. ... read more

Making the biggest bet ever is surely a prestigious title. Something to be remembered of. While some people have the resources and the knowledge to hack the lottery or always win on the horse racing, others are cheating somehow or relying basically on luck.  The hero of this story was also relying basically on luck but he did it with class. ... read more

While having the fun of playing roulette it might never cross your mind to add up the numbers on the table. If you do this you can find an interesting secret of roulette numbers – they add up to 666, the number of the beast. Adding up the numbers by different methodologies you will always see the number six appear. ... read more

While there are many types of gamblers, luck is something you can’t disclose from your gameplay. And this applies to life itself. Either you are trying to make the perfect algorithm or using occult spells lady luck might run over your plans if you cross her road at the wrong time. No matter how prepared you are, the role of luck in gambling is inevitable. However, you can strengthen your chances.  ... read more