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Playing the best Irish themed slots makes sense as symbols of this country are believed to bring good fortune. Try our picks featuring lucky symbols that are popular in Ireland and let clover leaves with leprechauns to help you win. ... read more

If his name is not just empty words for you, play the best Joker themed slots. This classic character is not only an iconic movie villain but also a symbol of luck in gambling. The Joker card is the highest in a deck and his image is the most profitable in slots, so follow Mr. J to hit the jackpot online. ... read more

Myths and legends about Aztec Gold are still living among historians and firing archeologists’ imagination. Meanwhile, we know a more reliable way to thrive on the legacy of this ancient empire. Just play one of the 5 best Aztec themed slots and win real money right from your couch. ... read more

Referring to the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic in casino games is not something unique nowadays. As one of the greatest old civilizations, it attracts many gamblers and game developers. Among hundreds of choices, here are 5 best ancient Rome themed slots to get familiar and win money with this great empire. ... read more

Slot games featuring Oriental motifs are among the most popular in casinos. Alongside other ancient civilizations, old China attracts gamblers with its exclusive national flavor, rich culture, and history. Try 5 best ancient China themed slots to see what is so special about them. ... read more

Egypt is called a cradle of civilization, so it predictably attracts game developers. In particular, many gambling games like slots follow certain periods in the country’s history to raise gamblers’ interest. Let’s see what best ancient Egypt themed slots are worth trying for getting familiar with its secrets. ... read more

Sports is one of the most underrated slot themes ever. There is a large variety of exciting games featuring different kinds of sports activities, starting from soccer and ending with racing. We have collected the 5 best sports-themed slots worth trying online. ... read more

Slot machines are among casino games with the broadest choice for gamblers. Besides cliches like adventurous Egyptian and classic fruit themes, there are a series of weirdest slot games you couldn’t even think of. Learn what slot themes are beyond imagination and try them if you want. ... read more

Every day we hear about different online casinos launching new slot machines. Usually, they include not only standard features but also base on a specific topic. In this way, the gameplay becomes much more interesting. Indeed, themed online slot machines attract more attention of casino customers. In this article, we decided to find out what about them is special. Online casino slot themes are a new trend that is interesting to explore.  ... read more