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These are not easy times for palpable newspapers. More and more people prefer reading online – or not to read at all. Moreover, all the difficulties of the past year made it even worse. We can see it all around the world: real, printed newspapers are vanishing into thin air. It looks like that the same thing is threatening the Canadian Toronto Star newspaper. But the owner company will not let it go that easily. Instead, they have decided to create a new online casino for supporting journalism.  ... read more

If dice games like craps or Sic Bo do not entertain you anymore, check other, less popular gambling activities. There are many exotic dice games to play at online casinos. From Hazard to Under And Over 7 – here are top-5 picks to try this summer. ... read more

Hot Dice is one of the most exciting online dice games. It is quite easy to play, while it is also different from such popular games as craps or Sic Bo. Check Hot Dice game rules & strategies to see why it stands out from the others. ... read more

As long as you’ve got the right type of electronic device connected to the internet, there are handful of ways you can make money online in Canada 2020. According to the recent studies, almost 60 percent of the world population is using internet. Now that more than the half of the people are using it, internet has became a place full of opportunities. Finding your way through this mountains of information and web jungle can be the key to securing an income. ... read more

Throughout the years, the history of gambling in Canada has changed a lot. From an activity allowed only within some control, it became an acceptable leisure-time activity. When it comes to gambling it’s all about choice in Canada. You can play online at online gambling sites in Canada. Moreover, you can play both in government-run or in private casinos. Also, you can go to a racetrack. ... read more

Maple Casino Goes 1-Click

For the better customer experience, Maple Casino goes 1-Click, as it was recently announced. Maple Casino recently opted for 1-Click technology for the ... read more