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If you don’t trust advice from the Internet, listen to time-tested literature works. Lots of books either fictional or biographical are based on real-life gambling stories that can be useful even through the years. What gambling tips from books written by experienced players and casino researchers are relevant nowadays? ... read more

Have you ever heard about Sic Bo? If yes, you must like this exciting game of chance. If not, read our guide through the most popular game of an ancient Chinese origin and then play Sic Bo online to experience its benefits over the other gambling activities. ... read more

The UK gambling industry is going through tough changes lately. Both, the on-land and the digital gambling markets are under review by the UK Gambling Commission. In fact, stricter age verification checks and higher taxes are a reality now. Interestingly, the land-based venues and the digital gambling sites were not falling under the same rules. Now, several MP-s have proposals regarding the terms of online gambling. Notably, proposals aim to cap the maximum limit of online bets in the UK to £2 for the slot games. Moreover, the future of credit card usage for online gambling and the “VIP” accounts in the games is unclear. ... read more

Believe in the supernatural or not most of the people admit that there has to be something more to life, than what we see. All I am trying to say is that there are no atheists on a falling plane. Personally I am a Buddhist, thus I believe in karma and the reincarnation of my self. According to Buddhism after your death, and after visiting different stages of existence, your soul travels the earth before resurrecting. Like a ghost. Online casinos in the UK are seemingly ghost-free, however, you can never be sure. At least you will find some slot machines with ghost theme here. ... read more

Most physicians banned from a casino are the members of the American Physical Society.  There are many stories out there when people can beat the roulette or hack horse racing. Some of them are just extremely lucky some of them are crooks but most of them are physicists. Try their methods on online casinos in the UK. These physicists banned from the casino for raiding MGM with more than three thousand people ... read more

Back in the days in 1891 Monte-Carlo, every roulette table had a cash reserve of 100.000 francs. Once somebody won so much money that the table couldn’t pay, it was announced that the winner broke the bank and the table was closed until they brought extra founds. Charles Wells broke the bank and won 1 million francs with his flawless roulette strategy. He was not just breaking the bank of the casino, he even broke his own bank once. ... read more

However, everyone knows Dostoyevsky’s Gambler, but the story of gambling and literature goes far beyond this. Gambling and poetry have always had some connection. Many poems and novels were inspired by gambling. While you can find many cases where gambling is used as a metaphor for life,  sometimes the writer leads you right in front of the casino table. We have collected some amateur aswell some famous gambling poems. ... read more