online casinos in the US

Everyone who has ever gambled in the United States, probably knows that each state has its own legislation on wagering. Some states have a long history with gambling, some of them are just stepping on that way. But did you know that the way residents use gambling platforms also differs from state to state? Some of them do it excessively, some of them are not. A recent study revealed which are the most gambling-addicted states in the US. ... read more

Gambling today offers not only various games, but also other components, which together make up a whole package of entertainment and recreation. Indeed, there is no doubt that the casino is the center that attracts guests in the first place. Besides, the gambling industry works hand in hand with the residence industry. Full-service hotels appear more and more often these days. However, this is not the only combination that exists. In this article, we will talk about casinos and roller coasters.  ... read more

Nevada has a long history with gambling. It was the first state to fully legalize and regulate casinos and it is widely known as a renegade state. However, for the last 26 years, they did not have a new casino in the Reno-Sparks area in Nevada. But this is about to change soon thanks to a project that has been in the making for 14 years. ... read more

The new partnership between Unibet and Gamban is set to provide a unique software in US player’s favor. Their goal is to make gambling safer for users in the United States. They even wish to move forward to zero revenue from harmful gambling by 2023. The gambling blocking software in the US is unquestionably a big step forward for the whole business. ... read more

We all know the saying, the house always wins. While this may be true for the most part, sometimes casinos suffer huge losses. This, of course, will not take away the fact that gamblers are the ones at bigger risks. In this article we look through all the biggest casino fails made by both players and the casinos themselves. Should you gamble, make sure you protect yourself from losing too much by setting limits and budgets to successfully beat the house!  ... read more

Slot machines compared to other ways of gambling are a rather young invention. Today’s slots seem to have an infinite variety of drums, lines, symbols, jackpot capabilities, and amounts of rates. The popularity of video slots led to highly stylized programs manufactured for online games that can be implemented on your smartphone or tablet. The technologies are developing constantly. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about what the slot machines of the future might look like. ... read more

Coming to the casino, gamblers hope for luck and expect to get a big win. However, the goodwill of fortune is not always the decisive factor. Often, in the pursuit of easy money, players become victims of scammers. To avoid this, you need to understand where the trick may be hiding and know the main fraud schemes in online casinos. In this article, we will tell you how to get away from scammers in 2021. ... read more

Two themes that will never cease to excite filmmakers coincide with the two main causes of crime: love and money. Money is more interesting. Сriminals rob a bank, corrupt officials receive bribes, treasure hunters are looking for gold – all this, of course, is good. However, it does not look as impressive on the screen as winning in a gambling game. This is what excites most of us! But what if we can combine this excitement with laughter? This article presents a selection of the best gambling comedies. Here you will find everything from Hollywood classics, which have not yet been covered with dust, to modern films that remind you that our life is still a game. ... read more

A casino promo code is a combination of numbers and letters used by players to receive bonuses. Its main goal is to increase customer engagement. Therefore, various online casinos offer their promo codes to new and existing players. Nowadays, there are plenty of such bonuses available. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best casino promo. Let’s get started! ... read more