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The world of gambling has always been a mystery, but sometimes, the mysterious events turn into creepy casino investigations. People disappear from casinos all the time, which is pretty alarming. We have collected some solved and a few cold cases which are connected to casinos.  ... read more

The best gambling products right now are not expensive watches or luxury suits. Technology and adaptability became one of the main focuses of today’s gambling world. Therefore, you should always seek products that make your life easier. These gambling products can be purchased in most digital marketplaces and they will make the life of any gambler much easier. From high-end V.R. headsets to simple things such as a notebook. ... read more

If you wish to master the legal card counting strategies right now, then you should get familiar with the Knock Out, Hi-Lo, and the KISS III strategies. Because they are one of the most efficient ways to count cards legally. Card counting is legal as long as you are not using any tools to keep track of the numbers. Therefore, no law or casino can ban you from using your brain and mathematical skills. ... read more

If you don’t understand technology enough to understand things such as hacking. Then probably you are wondering how to cheat at online casinos. You should never try cheating, however, it is a fun talking topic. Furthermore, you must learn how to recognize cheaters, because if you spend hours at the same table as a poker cheater, then you are going to lose a lot of money. Recognize and report cheaters asap. ... read more

A casino is a place where lives change, sometimes for the better, but mostly, for the worse. Clearly, there is a reason for this. Namely, that the house always wins. As you know, you have to play responsibly to avoid horror stories. Sadly, gambling addiction affects too many lives. This does not mean that all gamblers turn into addicts, but casinos know what they are doing. They make everything seem more alluring. You will feel the whole a-little-party-never-killed-nobody vibe around you, but try to resist! Be responsible, and you will not end up on the list of horror stories from casinos! ... read more

There are many casino secrets you should know about. We collected the best insiders shared by Reddit users. In conclusion, avoid the slots near the toilet area, and do not try to flirt with the casino staff. Never think that your jackpot is a financial threat to the casino. Because the house always wins. ... read more

First of all, we will not state with mathematical precision that extrasensory perception exists in principle. No matter how much scientists prove to us that miracles do not happen, life shows the opposite. Indeed, miracles do happen sometimes. If you do not believe in human superpowers, this does not mean that they do not exist. For example, the ancient people were firmly convinced that the Earth is flat and rests on three elephants, but what turned out to be in reality? Let’s take a closer look at real-life stories which prove that magic in the casino exists. ... read more

If you have ever thought about how to win at slot machines, you should understand one rule that always works. Indeed, the best move towards this goal is to choose slot machines where the percentage of return and the size of the available bet are the most significant. However, it is worth it because not everyone can afford to fork out like that. And, besides, such a risk will not always be rewarded. But still, this is not a hindrance to the fact that new theories and strategies are constantly being created, and many clients of gambling houses sincerely believe in their effectiveness. Such schemes and programs are often quite simple and uncomplicated. In this article, we will learn how to play slot machines like a smart person. ... read more