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We all know that casinos are all about pleasing customers – and making a profit, of course, but these two go hand in hand. But what if we say that in the 21st century, they do not only care about gamblers but the environment as well? Because some of them really do: these casinos started using solar power to be more environment-friendly. ... read more

A gambling holiday resort is a complex of a casino and a stunning hotel. Here you can find spa, pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and other services such as massage, beauty treatments, and, of course, restaurants and bars. Today, gambling resorts are more popular than you might imagine. They are usually located in capitals or near major cities that attract tourists. Besides, there you can enjoy concerts, sports games and a variety of shows. In this article, we have prepared an overview of the best gambling destinations for summer vacation. ... read more

Although many businesses suffered from the consequences of the past year, the online gambling market seems to be getting on really well. More exactly: it is doing just great! And as to the current predictions, the position of the global online gambling market will not be languishing, but the contrary! Let us see the details! ... read more

No matter how hard we try to fight it, summer inevitably ends. Some summers are more rewarding than others. However, we tend to skip the hottest season anyway when it’s gone. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you love slot machines, there is an easy way to get this carefree summer mode back into play anytime. That’s why we’ve prepared our list of the best summer slots. Grab your favorite cocktail and enjoy! ... read more

When choosing gifts for our loved ones, we want to believe that they will make them a little happier. Most make gifts without even thinking about who they are for. However, for all those who are not indifferent to the recipients of gifts themselves, and for those who want to make their loved ones or acquaintances happy for the present, and not just for show, we have compiled this list. So, since our site is dedicated to gambling, below is a list of the best AliExpress goods for gamblers. Let’s check it out! ... read more

Excitement and passion for gambling are inherent in every person. And if you are choosing a gift for a casino-lover, then we can offer you a list of the best Amazon goods for gamblers. You can give a player almost anything related to his favorite game, or something that will help him become interested in another way of gambling. If a person is very enthusiastic, then such excitement can be encouraged in the form of an award with an individual inscription. Indeed, players are unique people, so don’t be afraid to move away from the standard types of gifts. ... read more

Everyone who has ever gambled in the United States, probably knows that each state has its own legislation on wagering. Some states have a long history with gambling, some of them are just stepping on that way. But did you know that the way residents use gambling platforms also differs from state to state? Some of them do it excessively, some of them are not. A recent study revealed which are the most gambling-addicted states in the US. ... read more

Gambling today offers not only various games, but also other components, which together make up a whole package of entertainment and recreation. Indeed, there is no doubt that the casino is the center that attracts guests in the first place. Besides, the gambling industry works hand in hand with the residence industry. Full-service hotels appear more and more often these days. However, this is not the only combination that exists. In this article, we will talk about casinos and roller coasters.  ... read more

Nevada has a long history with gambling. It was the first state to fully legalize and regulate casinos and it is widely known as a renegade state. However, for the last 26 years, they did not have a new casino in the Reno-Sparks area in Nevada. But this is about to change soon thanks to a project that has been in the making for 14 years. ... read more