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Casino Cash-outs

After you’ve been playing at the online casino for a while, there’s a very good possibility that you’ll have scored some winnings to your account. And now you’d like to cash out some of all of that amount. Normally, you’ll head over to the websites cashier. From here, you’ll need to enter all the required personal information, along with maybe some form of ID. The funds can be transferred in whatever currency you care for. On the whole it should be a simple reversal of putting money into the account when you began playing. But do check the small print of each and every casino before you start playing to ensure that you are happy with whatever with drawl means they might have in place. ... read more

Well, it only took nine years. Finally Serbia expands casino gambling. Serbia’s Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali has introduced a bill to replace the 2011 Gambling Act. Now the paperwork is in front of the country’s National Assembly, who are expected to pass it into law. One reason is probably the fact that the bill has a provision which will increase the States tax revenue from gambling up from 5% of gross to a heady 15% for betting online and 10% for other casino games. ... read more

Gamble with Cryptocurrency

Not sure about how to gamble with Cryptocurrency? Or what’s the “blockchain?” Recently there has been a lot of talk about cryptocurrency across all media. It can all be a bit overwhelming at first. But we all need to get with the program. After all there are companies out there who have been accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for years. As the gambling industry continues to evolve, then any new form of innovation will be received with open arms. ... read more

So it turns out that Swedish female gambling addicts outnumber men. This was the conclusion of the health authority’s most recent overview. The report discovered there was no gender gap among problem gamblers, with over half now being women. ... read more

The Lottery Winner Who Lost

We’ve all fantasied about winning the lottery. Dropping out of our normal everyday job, steaming off on extravagant trips and purchasing grand houses. Of course the possibilities are huge when you have millions in the bank. However for one lottery winner, the fantasy turned into a bad dream. ... read more

Slot wins are surely a reason for the winners to be happy. Even the smallest doses of adrenaline make our hearts rush. But Imagine suddenly winning a much bigger prize. The jackpots from slots can reach up to millions of dollars. In fact, there are wins so big that they can amaze you. Here, we discuss some of the big slot wins which caught our interest. ... read more

Hold onto your hats everyone….Google has just announced that it’s prepared to change it’s stance on US gambling advertisements in 2020. The plan is to ease up on casino advertising and rid the internet of the sweeping ban on gambling ads. ... read more

The Supreme Court of the United States revoked the federal ban on sports betting on May 14, 2018. The ruling allowed states to legalize betting with their own regulatory laws. Since then many states have already legalized sports betting in their territory, and many are in the process. So, let’s take a look at the states with legal sports betting. ... read more