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One can only wonder if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex casino job offer is real. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently announced that they were “stepping back” from their Royal duties. They want to live like plebs and go down the pub or pop into the bookies. No they don’t! They say that they want to be “financially self sufficient.” Too funny if it wasn’t closer to tragedy. Pass me my gin and tonic. Let’s have a look shall we? ... read more

For the first time, the England, Manchester United and DC United player, Wayne Rooney talks about gambling and admitted that he was under the spell of a serious gambling problem. Talking to the 32Red’s Stay In Control awareness campaign, the 34 year old described how gambling had negatively impacted his game, both on the domestic and International level. ... read more

The accusation is that famed sports gambler Rob Gorodetsky defrauded millions to support his lavish Las Vegas lifestyle. He was charged on Wednesday with ripping off an individual investor out of $9.6 million. ... read more

The Dice Man Review

Here’s my Dice Man Review. Do you ever feel unable to make a decision? Or move on with an important change in the life? Do you need an extra push to get things moving? ... read more

Your STD Probability

You just got the awkward phone call from your Friday night conquest and your mind is already racing. All you can think about is your STD probability. ... read more

Wanna be a slot machine service technician? The gambling industry around Las Vegas would come to a screeching stop without slot machine service technicians. But not the Vegas Crest Casino. Customers can’t play machines that aren’t working. Then the broken slot machines have to come off the floor for repair. While they’re out of service, they don’t earn the casino any money. ... read more

Whether you go to the physical casino or just play online, we’re all doing it for the same reason (errr…to get poorer!), for the thrill of the win. Casinos have been part of life for many years. Today it’s more easier to play than ever thanks to the Internet. ... read more

When it comes to online card games and myths and facts, gamblers and card players are a superstitious bunch. They like to believe that there is more to luck than just chance. You can find them seriously studying the previous numbers at the roulette wheel with a notebook and pen in hand. Scouring the horse betting card, searching for some sort of pattern that will lead them to the next number, and the dopamine rush of a win. ... read more

The Monty Hall Problem

The Monty Hall problem is a probability puzzle named after Monty Hall. He was the host of a US TV show called “Let’s Make a Deal”. On the face of it, this is an absurd paradox and many people simply refuse to believe the answer. ... read more