online gambling sites in Japan

Have you ever heard about the strict working ethic of the Japanese? Well, their laws applied to gambling are almost that strict – or even stricter. Because of this practice, many residents look for illegal options. And still, despite this, the country has no intention to legalize online gambling. But while you are waiting for looser rules, you do not have to waste your money on the black market! You still have some options. ... read more

This time, we will take a closer look at the Takamatsunomiya Kinen betting odds to predict which participants are potential winners. Two horses lead the odds list head by head, Danon Smash, and Grand Alegria. However, there is another talent, who can earn you a lot with his super-tall odds, Shivaji. ... read more

Day to day there are more and more space bets you can wager on. This time we will bet on the first orbital factory. What an innovative idea? – The thing itself exists, however, you can bet on that someone will establish a 20-men factory that floats around Earth, before 2024. Space manufacturing odds indicate that it won’t happen. ... read more

There are always a couple of annual special Bitcoin Bets which go viral. Last year you could bet on the lowest Bitcoin price. This year you can wager on the highest amount at 22bet. But wait a moment! Betting odds can show you the most promising investment in 2020. ... read more

Newer and newer games are coming out every day. It’s a hard job to categorize witch game will be an evergreen classic or just a one-week madness. Therefore, if you can bet on the newest games is a real rarity. By the way, I collected you the options. Don’t afraid to live with the opportunity. ... read more

Japan made the most badass decision in the history of the Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics ambassador is Son Goku. Next to him, there are several other iconic cartoon characters like Naruto or the witches of Sailor Moon. ... read more

The 2019 championship is delayed and it will only be held in 2020 February. In this early period, the multipliers are all high. 2019 Magic World Championship odds indicate that Javier Dominguez will win the act. Also, based on the odds the winner surely will be European. Take a glimpse at the statistics and betting predictions with us. ... read more