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The Leauge of Legends Championships Korea is the biggest annual eSports event in South-Korea. LoL is the most played videogame in the country. Even more, most of the worldwide recognized professional players are Korean. If you ever played on a KR server, probably you know why. We will take a glimpse at the LCK Spring 2020 odds to make our predictions before the finals start, to place our bets on the most vicious tournament of the world of eSports. ... read more

Blizzard’s biggest act for this year is available from the 29th of January. The Warcraft 3 Reforged is probably the most anticipated video game of the past years. They took the evergreen classic and served it in a new dressing, with upgraded graphics. Even more, the physics are also got some juice and there will be 4K options as well. Therefore, it will be one of the most prestigious computer games of the decad. So, we can expect a lot of bet on Warcraft 3 in 2020. ... read more

Last year the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un and the South Korean President Moon Jae-in held a historic meeting, following which they signed a joint declaration to conclude a peace treaty between the countries. Online gambling sites in South Korea have already started suggesting Korean reunion betting odds. But can two opposite worlds create a single sovereign state by the end of 2023? Let’s see what the chances are.  ... read more

Next to countless other old-school topics you can also bet on Heroes of Might and Magic live. However, it’s a rarity and it is more about statistics than the personal element. On the other hand, because of the frequent betting options, with a well-set strategy, you can earn money continuously. ... read more

You can wager on endless topics on the internet. The most growing events in the gambling industry are eSport tournaments. Therefore, not just the most popular games receive attention. You can bet on Sonic Generations. Let our favourite hedgehog triple your balance. ... read more

Nowadays, eSport is a thing in the gambling industry. Even more, you can bet on old games as well. These lovely retro options will melt the hearth of all the gamers from the X generation. In our article, we will take a glimpse at the most popular evergreen classics. ... read more

You should bet on N’zoth to be defeated by Method (EU Taren Mill). Vision of N’zoth will be available in January. They revealed most of the phases but there is a hidden the last phase in Mythic mode. What can we expect? Can we trust the odds or the Old Gods will make surprises? ... read more

The eSport industry tries to draw more female gamers and fans. We can say, they are successful. In reflection of the change in the scene of professional players, we made an up to date list of the top 5 female eSport players in 2019. ... read more