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In the past, poker didn’t have a good reputation. The majority of people associated it with gambling and illegal criminal activity. However, today poker is one of the main media events. Moreover, some poker players are as famous as Hollywood actors or the Olympic champions. Thus, we decided to share with you several poker success stories about people who chose this card game as their career.  ... read more

They say that parenting is a job you don’t get a salary for. However, in the modern world, some families will completely disagree with such an opinion. Why? Because they know how to make money on their kids not using child labor. Those are the parents who are confident that their children will succeed in the future. Moms and dads are ready to bet the whole fortune on the talents of their kids. Read our article to learn more about betting on your children.   ... read more

One of the most famous football players haunts the media with his sexual orientation. “Is Cristiano Ronaldo Gay?” – many well-known tabloids around the world have repeatedly asked this question. But the bookmakers went even further and offered to bet on Ronaldo to perform a coming-out by the end of 2020. ... read more

On the 3rd of December, the drawing of lots for the final stage of the UEFA European Championship was held in Bucharest. Therefore, the Euro 2020 calendar is ready now. According to it, the national team of Ukraine will play the first match in Amsterdam against the Dutch team. Netherlands vs Ukraine betting preview predicts the possible outcome of this match. ... read more