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At the time, the gambling industry went into meltdown at the very idea. Reducing the maximum stake on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in the UK would be, they claimed, the end of them. This has very much proven not to be the case. Government-regulators are now assessing the impact of the change on FOBT gambling in the UK. So, we take a look at what that will do for the industry’s credibility. Are online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 now at an advantage? Has venue-based gambling in the UK cried wolf once too often? ... read more

VAT as we know is the tax levied on the product’s every stage of the supply chain. That may start from the raw materials and reach the final purchase. We are used to paying VAT tax on most of the products around us. And the gambling industry here is not an exception. Therefore, taxpayers should also pay the VAT on gaming machines.  A variety of online gambling sites, like the Betway Sportsbook, only increases the importance of VAT in the gambling industry. Therefore, more and more countries are making modifications in their legislation regarding gaming machines. For instance, Belgium removed the VAT exemption for online gambling in 2016.   ... read more

There are still very long table tennis matches, however, the game wasn’t always as fast-paced as today. Fortunately, you can still make bets on table tennis games on BET365 Sportsbook. Anyways, let’s grind up the longest ever matches of table tennis in this article. ... read more

The UK Gambling Commission has proposed limiting the use and even putting a ban on VIP casino accounts. According to them, loyalty programs in online casinos encourage players to make large deposits and make more bets. The Gambling Commission believes that the existence of special conditions for VIP-clients makes both ordinary and privileged players spend more money. Therefore, this factor leads to an increase in the number of people dependent on gambling. In this article, we have decided to look if the UK Gambling Commission has a real reason to ban VIP Casino accounts in the country.  ... read more

The Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy, simply put, is the belief that past events can somehow have an influence on future ones, that are absolutely different from them in reality. An example for the gambler is if a coin landed on it’s heads twice in a row, then it should land on it’s tails for the third toss. Some people believe that if a certain event already occurred a certain number of times, then this same event will happen less in the future. Other hold the converse belief, that the same event will occur more frequently in the future. They are all nuts! ... read more

The poor pie eating keeper. What started as a bit of a lark, ended up with more serious consequences for one goalkeeper. Last month, Sutton United Football Club accepted the resignation of their reserve goal keeper, Wayne Shaw. Apparently he was in breach of betting rules. Both the gambling Commission and the Football League are looking into the breach, after the 45 year old man ate a pie during the FA Cup loss to Arsenal. They’re already calling over-blown story “piegate”. ... read more

The AW Championships’ most important races will take place in April. However, the tournament is always decided by autumn. The runs at the Lingfield racecourse show which horse has the necessary performance to be a champion. Even if this years’ acts are delayed, an ante-post bet on the 2020 All-Weather Championships can be a sensible wager. ... read more

The Bombardier Mile is probably the most anticipated race of the AW Championships. This race represents the golden middle-way as its 1-mile-distance. Sprinters and stayers are also potentials to achieve victory. While betting odds indicate the success of Alarjaa, our 2020 All-Weather Mile predictions favor Set Piece. The event will take place in early October. ... read more

Let’s take a look at the most prestigious run of the most prestigious horse race event of Great Britan. If you would like to be a part of that fascinating act, don’t hold your horses. Bet on the Ascot Gold Cup until ante-post betting is available. ... read more