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Sources close to Apple claim that the company is going to release its electric car in 2024. It is reported that the car will use a unique technology that will solve the problem of high prices for batteries, as well as increase the range without additional recharging. Meanwhile, you can already bet on Apple car release date. How can you do it? Find it out from our article. ... read more

Roulette is a very exciting game! Therefore, millions of players all over the world are looking for strategies and rely on luck to win such a tempting wheel. However, for many people, just gambling is not enough and they want something more. Online casinos understand these desires and are constantly developing interesting and profitable competitions. In this article, we have decided to create the online roulette tournaments guide for everyone who wants to get the most from gambling.   ... read more

The best online roulette is the one that allows its players to win. Thus, it should be a licensed game where the RNG works properly. For sure, the power of chance together with luck plays a huge role in this way of gambling. However, do not forget that to win while playing online roulette you need to take into account some mathematical laws. As a rule, the right strategy of gambling allows maximizing the advantage of the player. In this article, we have decided to look at how to win at online roulette. ... read more

When you are playing in an online casino, for example, blackjack or poker, the distribution of cards from the deck does not work in the usual physical way. This is also true about spinning a roulette wheel, rolling dice, slots, or lottery balls. Why? Because any online casino simulates gaming situations using the so-called Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a regular program that ensures the fairness of the game due to the unpredictability of its results. In this article, we decided to find out how RNG works in online gambling.  ... read more

Instant winnings and thrills from the scratch cards have been attracting players for many years. Moreover, some companies still use this type of gambling as an effective fundraising tool. In the 21st century, casino software developers have created several innovative products in this category. Thus, today scratch cards are also available online. However, what are their rules on the network? In this article, we have decided to explain how to win on scratch cards online.  ... read more

Unfortunately, many gamblers still do not want to become customers of online casinos due to the uncertainty that their funds and personal data will be safe. Indeed, this is a very serious issue that deserves paying our attention in a separate article. Thus, we will try to provide detailed information on how data at online casinos are secure.  ... read more

Every day we hear about different online casinos launching new slot machines. Usually, they include not only standard features but also base on a specific topic. In this way, the gameplay becomes much more interesting. Indeed, themed online slot machines attract more attention of casino customers. In this article, we decided to find out what about them is special. Online casino slot themes are a new trend that is interesting to explore.  ... read more

Tournaments in online casinos have been held for quite a long time. However, only recently they have become popular and in-demand among users. Moreover, their variety is often the main factor in favor of choosing one or another online casino. With their help, each gambler gets more chances to win a huge prize pool for a relatively short period and often a one-time entry fee. Thus, we decided to help you understand the main rules and make online casino tournaments explained.  ... read more

All reputable online casinos offer their customers special loyalty programs. They can also call them player’s clubs, VIP programs and so on. Although their policies may differ,  their main purpose is invariable – to encourage the customers who regularly gamble on their platforms. We decided to find out what it is special about online casino loyalty programs. Let’s discuss their main aspects! ... read more

A large part of the revenue of most casinos is brought by players for high stakes or high rollers. Of course, their number is much smaller than of the other users. However, the total amount of their deposits exceeds the rest of the players. Therefore, all casinos are desperately trying to attract those who can play high stakes to become their customers. This is done by creating special incentive programs and high roller benefits.  ... read more