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We know Valentine’s day has just passed, but we still feel the aftershocks of all the chocolate and flowers. Even the most famous athletes can’t ignore love and many of them have a famous pair with similar interests. Let’s see the most famous sports couples of all time, whose relationships are (were) in the focus of the people’s attention.   ... read more

The Tour of Flanders is part of the UCI World Tour, which is a top-level tour for elite riders. It is one of the five biggest one-day classics along with Milan-San Remo or Paris-Ribeaux. Last year Italian Alberto Bettiol won the race, bet on the winner of the Tour of Flanders now after checking out the biggest favorites. ... read more

There are families, where we can find not just one, but several famous athletes. Either in different generations or in the same one. The most common examples are famous Father-Son athletes, but brothers and sisters can be equally talented. We collected a list of the most famous sports families, see them below.  ... read more

Coin tosses are one of the most common means of settling any dispute. Throughout history this simple process has decided many the outcome of many draws or results that were tied. Here are three famous coin tosses that changed history. Here are the famous four coin tosses that changed history. ... read more

Ever wonder what is it that exactly inspires an author to take up the pen and start spinning a tale? Some claim to be enlightened by dreams. Yet others are moved by some life event or some small detail noticed during the daily grind of life. But there are some great books which were written on the whim of another person. ... read more

When it comes to online card games and myths and facts, gamblers and card players are a superstitious bunch. They like to believe that there is more to luck than just chance. You can find them seriously studying the previous numbers at the roulette wheel with a notebook and pen in hand. Scouring the horse betting card, searching for some sort of pattern that will lead them to the next number, and the dopamine rush of a win. ... read more

Check out these bad luck signs from around the world. Are you feeling superstitious? These are the odd ideas that dwell on the edge of social beliefs. They can arise out of helplessness, fear or sometimes by chance. Many have absolutely no scientific basis. And many are not even linked to religious faith either. And yet, like a minor irritation that cannot be scratched, they persists all efforts to extinguish them. ... read more

So what is the Dead Man’s Hand? Well, it’s probably the most famous hand in a game of cards. The name certainly has a colorful story behind it. And yes, sorry to say, it does feature a dead man! ... read more