online lottery sites in the UK

The very first National Lottery Open Week in the United Kingdom was in 2017. Ever since then, the initiative grew a lot, but its main goal did not change. The people behind the event wish to thank lottery players all over the country, because it is them, who makes supporting good causes possible – by buying tickets. ... read more

If you are a lottery fan looking for fresh winning strategies, pay attention to bundles. It is a popular way of playing online lotto games on your own or with other gamblers. It offers a lot of perks, including exclusive discounts and quite a wide variety of gaming options. To learn more about how lottery bundles work, check our guide. ... read more

How to Hack the Lottery

Some say you have more chance to get thunderstruck or be part of a shark attack, however, there are some cases in history when people could hack the lottery. In most of the world’s lottery, there is no top limit of the jackpot. Every week when someone is not winning it, the money just adds up. And this money can only be obtained with the perfect combination of numbers. If you buy more tickets you have more chances, but even if you spend a similar amount of money on lottery tickets as you wish to win your chances are still pretty high to lose all of it. ... read more