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Lotteries have always been a favorite form of gambling in India. Throughout the years, the number of players and range of the available lotteries have increased significantly. Thanks to the online lottery sites in India, people have an access to not only local lotteries, but also other giants ones in the world. EuroMillions, Powerball, Enalotto- you name it. However, with this many possibilities, the players face a question. Which lottery is the best in India? And where to play them? ... read more

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Thanks to the technological developments we’ve been having in the last decade, almost everything that you like to do, you can do it without leaving your house. Gambling and lotteries haven’t been left out of this revolution too. With the hard work and dedication of online gambling sites in the UK, you can now play your favorite lottery games from home. Instead of that trip to the gas station, all you have to do now is to buy lotto scratch cards online. ... read more

Like other countries, the United Arab Emirates took safety measures and closed down everything, including land-based lotteries. Yet the situation in the world is far from being calm, probably, the Abu Dhabi lottery can distract you from disturbing news. All in all, winning money wouldn’t go amiss especially these days. ... read more