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Poker is one of the most wanted games to play for cheaters. Although it is illegal to fool the opponent during the game, there are many reckless players who try to win this way. We have collected real-life stories on how to cheat in poker, but it is better not to repeat them outside a family circle as you can go to jail. ... read more

So what’s the symbolism behind card suits? On the whole, card games are not considered as games needing skill. Historically, we see them as connected to luck or chance. This dovetails nicely into the ideas of astrology. Or magic. Of the fates choosing our path. Or not! ... read more

Foreign Poker Terms. Think you don’t need them? Well, you’ll be going through the list of online gambling sites in the UK. There you are playing online poker when a foreign speaker enters the game. Apart from saying “Hello”, you might find it useful to know some of the poker terms in order to make the game more enjoyable for you both. ... read more