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Women’s History Month is here! To celebrate it, Poker Powher and World College Poker are organizing a tournament exclusively for women. The participants can acquire experience in competition and there are amazing prizes as well. The women-only poker tournament with PokerStars is coming up soon! ... read more

Did you know about cats playing poker? Yes, they actually do. And there are many more cats that play poker than you might even think… So, if you thought that poker is a game for humans only, you were so wrong, my friend.   ... read more

Most gamblers know Poker as just a game to entertain but they have probably never heard of the ways how to use poker skills in business. So, there are certain skills that poker teaches you and that you can train. ... read more

Poker has been one of the most famous money-making games since a long time. Everyone who plays poker is not a successful player. The game requires strategies, knowledge and luck. And someone who has all of it is ultimately considered to be a good player. There is a lot of money to be made playing poker. Many of the poker’s best players have climbed the ladder and made millions on live and online felt in the world of poker tournaments. We have made up a list of best poker players in the world for you. Let’s have a look! ... read more

A person who treats any card game as an easy way to kill time will say that poker is not a sport. However, anyone who has learned to play this game will think before reaching a verdict. And a good poker player without a shadow of doubt will argue that this is a real sport. Moreover, it is not inferior to its complexity and intellectuality to chess. So is poker a sport? Let’s figure it out. ... read more

The Dice Man Review

Here’s my Dice Man Review. Do you ever feel unable to make a decision? Or move on with an important change in the life? Do you need an extra push to get things moving? ... read more