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Nowadays, eSport betting is a real thing. Probably, the most prestigious way to bet on video games if you pop up the Dota 2 Betting Sites. Dota 2 requires the most professional and prepared players to achieve great victories. Despite, LoL is more popular, you should never forget what is the original and real way of playing MOBA. ... read more

So you want to know how to play Texas Holdem poker. If you enter any poker room or casino, this will be the one of the most popular variant of poker you’ll find being played. And though the game is easy to understand, there is an underlying strategy that takes some patience and skill to master. Let’s have a look…. ... read more

The Supreme Court of the United States revoked the federal ban on sports betting on May 14, 2018. The ruling allowed states to legalize betting with their own regulatory laws. Since then many states have already legalized sports betting in their territory, and many are in the process. So, let’s take a look at the states with legal sports betting. ... read more

It’s a list that had to be made. The 10 most annoying behaviors at the poker table. As with all things in life, the problems, more often than not, come from having to deal with other people. And so it is with table gambling and poker. “Other people” can either make or break the experience. And yet we still need someone to play against and even win money from. These are just some of the many behaviors and unsociable ticks that can drive a grown man to drink or worse, force him to leave the game. Have a look…and please don’t be that guy! ... read more

The best place to play poker is one of the most common questioned asked, especially by players seeking a low odds $1/$2 or $2/$5 no-limit hold’em game. The problem is looking for an answer in all the wrong metrics. Are the comps generous? Is there decent food? What’s the decor and lighting like? And finally, just how competent are the dealers and pit bosses? So many questions…and all for things of little consequence. ... read more

Most of the harness races in Australia are prestigious and rich events. The ones in New South Wales are probably the most popular. If you are interested in wagers on trotting, you don’t want to miss this $200,000 Group one run. Chariots of Fire predictions picture that the richest harness race of Australia will be the most exciting one as well. ... read more

Day to day there are more and more space bets you can wager on. This time we will bet on the first orbital factory. What an innovative idea? – The thing itself exists, however, you can bet on that someone will establish a 20-men factory that floats around Earth, before 2024. Space manufacturing odds indicate that it won’t happen. ... read more

We can declare that the Super Bowl is the biggest sports event in the world or maybe it’s the biggest event of the universe. With this article, you can learn everything about the upcoming game. This year will be the 54th time they organize the Super Bowl in this form. Chiefs facing the 49’ers. Which team of the red-dressed titans will take the bowl this year? 2020 Super Bowl odds indicate the Chiefs is the favored team. However, San Francisco still has a chance. Let’s take a closer look together. ... read more

Blizzard’s biggest act for this year is available from the 29th of January. The Warcraft 3 Reforged is probably the most anticipated video game of the past years. They took the evergreen classic and served it in a new dressing, with upgraded graphics. Even more, the physics are also got some juice and there will be 4K options as well. Therefore, it will be one of the most prestigious computer games of the decad. So, we can expect a lot of bet on Warcraft 3 in 2020. ... read more