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Slots are not as simple as they seem. There are many variations of online slots you can choose according to your budget and preference. Take a look at them to know about all possible types of slots that are available at online casinos in the 2020s. ... read more

Best Autumn-themed Slots

We are already in September which means entering the colorful season of autumn. Falling leaves, harvest, and cooling weather are all typical features of the season. But instead of crying for the summer, stay cozy at home and try out one of the best autumn-themed slots from our list below.  ... read more

Superheroes have been popular for a long time now so it’s no surprise that slot makers also use them as a theme for their games. We can find slots featuring Superman, Iron Man, and all the other Avengers. So if you are a huge fan of these characters, check out our list of the best superhero-themed slots.  ... read more

If you’re new to online gambling, visiting an online site can be overwhelming first. There are so many games to choose from. Like easier online slots and more complex roulette games. We collected some of the best tips to learn online gambling games to make the whole process easier. So you can enjoy the world of online gambling and use your skills to win some money.  ... read more

Even though it’s still only May, we can already feel like it’s summer thanks to the hot and sunny weather. The time of holidays has inspired slot makers as well who come up with great beach symbols and relaxing backgrounds in their best summer-themed slots. So if you want to get into the mood for summer or just love colorful slots, try the following games from our list below.  ... read more

Thanks to the latest technologies, we can play with our slots even on the go now through our mobile phones. The most popular slots all have a fully-optimized mobile versions like Stardust and Mega Moolah. But the latest games can also be played on your phone. Let’s take a look at the best mobile slots in 2022.  ... read more

Best Branded Slots

In the various themed slots, some of the most popular ones belong to the branded slots category. The game versions of the most successful films, TV shows, musicians, and other celebrities can attract lots of players. But the slots need to be original and have special features as well. Besides good graphics and soundtrack in order to belong to the best branded slots.  ... read more

Online streaming services like Twitch are the latest ways to promote different online gambling products. You can find lots of different streamers who play with online slots and other gambling games and stream them live online. The best Twitch casino streamers have hundreds of thousands of followers, making them an important factor in the online gambling industry. Let’s see the most popular ones today.  ... read more

Online casinos come with a wide selection of online games that have been developed by some great companies. Like Microgaming and NetEnt which belong to the best online casino software providers. Without their contribution, your everyday gambling experience wouldn’t be the same, so let’s get to know them a bit better.  ... read more