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In ancient times, Olympic champions received a crown of olive leaves to mark their victories. These came from a tree near the temple of Zeus. Today the winners get medals for their efforts. In 1896, at the first Olympic Games in Athens,, top placers received silver medals since, at the time, silver was more sought after than gold. The second place winners received copper medals. ... read more

Credit card gambling banned from April 2020. All UK based gamblers will be unable to use their credit cards to place bets online. This follows a serious shake up by the UK industry regulator. ... read more

So you want to know how to play Texas Holdem poker. If you enter any poker room or casino, this will be the one of the most popular variant of poker you’ll find being played. And though the game is easy to understand, there is an underlying strategy that takes some patience and skill to master. Let’s have a look…. ... read more

One of the perks of professional tennis, is that you don’t need to be picking up any of the balls lying around the court. That job falls to the ball boys/girls. Either kneeling by the net or standing to attention at the back of the court, it all looks very easy. But just what does it take to run around collecting the tennis balls or offering a towel to a player? ... read more

Manchester City have been found to be playing fast and loose with their financial disclosures. As reported in the Guardian newspaper, almost £60m has been added to the clubs losses. This was by the Uefa’s Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) and comes as a result of new finding in relation to the club’s funding. ... read more

Who is the Real Ronaldo?

So who is the real Ronaldo? In the heady world of top football players, there are two Ronaldos. Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima and Cristiano Ronaldo. You’ll hear people discuss the “real” Ronaldo. And it turns out that they are always using the term to distinguish between the two players. Of course, the “real” Ronaldo was born in 1975 and is Brazilian. Let’s compare the two. ... read more

The history of the Isle of Man TT starts in 1907. It’s a motorcycle race has taken place on the public roads. It’s name is the Tourist Trophy or “TT” for short.  Many people say that it’s the most dangerous race in the world. ... read more

To be Jan Oblak, the world’s greatest goalkeeper, is not the easiest job. It requires excellent stopping abilities, coupled with brilliant positioning and a God like control of the penalty area. Welcome to the wonderful world of Jan Oblak who plays for Atletico Madrid. ... read more

Here you’ll learn about Trap shooting techniques and betting skills. Trap shooting is one form of competitive clay pigeon shooting. The others are skeet and sporting clays. In trap shooting, the targets are normally launched by a machine and are traveling away from the shooter. It’s practiced all over the world and even has a place in the Olympic games. ... read more

The explanation for the printing of soccer shirt numbers is straightforward. It enables referees, lineman and the fans to recognize players on the pitch. But apart from this, over time, various numbers developed their own mystic and reputation. ... read more