online sportsbook guide

Betting slips are among the first things you see when you open any sportsbooks. You might have never noticed, but they are one of the main tools you use at betting sites daily. What is it and how to use bet slips? Here is an ultimate guide. ... read more

Everything about bet exchange explained – learn what it is and how to use it at different sportsbook sites. Try to bet on sports or other events using a new knowledge as swapping odds allows you to expand your wagering options and possible income. ... read more

Do you want to start betting on football matches or other sports events? The first thing you have to do is learn some glossary to help you understand what is what at a sportsbook. Here are basic sports betting terms for beginners necessary for making a successful wager. ... read more

Live betting has become extremely popular during recent years. It is a relatively new kind of betting at online sportsbooks, but way more exciting than its fixed counterparts. Most sportsbooks offer to bet on sports in real-time nowadays, so it is time to learn how to win on live bets. ... read more

Don’t you know that there is a special form of online betting called tote? This term may sound unfamiliar even to experienced gamblers as it is used mostly in Great Britain. Despite its local focus, an online tote betting system is still worth learning about, especially if you are a fan of horse racing.  ... read more

Did you know that gamblers can not only wager at popular sportsbook sites but also create their own bets? It is done via a betting constructor – a special function that aims to help you calculate and write down all outcomes of the match. To learn about how bet constructors work and where to try them, read our special guide. ... read more