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You don’t find your place? Tired of trying different jobs and feeling that you don’t fit anywhere? Struggling in life to find a real profession? Or maybe you are just bored with your job? Ten years ago you set into that chair and still doing the same thing? Feeling stuck? Worry no more! Living a professional pinball life can change things over in a sec. When I was six we went for a family summer vacation. My mother was very angry and fought a lot with my father because he doesn’t play or pass time with us. Instead, he was standing in a pub beating his own records in the pinball machine. ... read more

The long-awaited fight between Ferguson and Nurmagomedov is finally about to happen. They had this match scheduled for five times, but it was always canceled for some reason. According to online sportsbook news in the US, the fight is going to happen in Barcley’s Center, Brooklyn, At UFC249, April 19. The fighters are finally going to stand in the octagon. We are getting closer to one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov odds is not indicating a very tight fight. While bookies fail into the mistake of thinking that beating Connor McGregor makes Nurmagomedov invincible, you should not the same thing. Sure I understand, you want to see the rematch of Khabib and Connor, who wouldn’t? While Nurmagomedov has never lost a match, Ferguson’s previous battles were astonishing and bloody. He is on 12 times winning streak.  ... read more

Susan Polgar is an outstanding chessplayer. She is playing chess since she was four and become the first woman to be a Grandmaster in chess history. However, she was not the most successful of the Polgar’s. The great achievement of the sisters was thanks to their father’s experiment. Women winning in chess at these levels were more than rare. She was born into a block of flats in Budapest. Their financial situation wasn’t pretty well at the time. Her father was a pedagogue and he had an idea to make a so-called experiment. His main thesis was that geniuses are not accidentally born, but they are made. He said that people are specialized in a certain direction from a very early age they can achieve outstanding results. ... read more

Chess has many funny moments. The game is taken seriously as much as possible. And chess players are very bad losers. I am not intending to present you with an overall collection of all the strange or fun or shameless chess moments. This is just some Friday appetizer from the world of chess. We can see many things, grandmasters throwing around pieces, players kicking others in balls, but all in all the game of chess is beautiful indeed. Maybe it is a bit too serious and sometimes lacks sportsmanship.  ... read more

Manfred Ewald wasn’t a nice guy really. He started his career in the Hitler Youth. After he was captured by the Red Army in 1944 he managed to get out of jail by joining the German Communist party in 1938. By 1961 he was nominated to be the minister of sports. In this position, he was working on developing a system of officially encouraged doping. Today the Russian doping scandals are the loudest you can even make bets on them. I hope they got better drugs than the ones in the GDR period. ... read more

Ski Jumping Fails

While ski jumping fails can look very serious, they are fortunately rare amongst professionals. However, we collected some of the most interesting cases. This is not a list for catastrophe tourists, the aim is to give a medal to one of the bravest men in sports history. So here is a list of ski jumping fails that we collected with the help of online sportsbook news sites in the US. ... read more

Motivation by humiliation in sports is a long-dispised method due to its inhuman practice. However, we can still connect with it sometimes when it comes to competitive situations. Many of my friends who are playing drums, they hate the movie, Whiplash. The problem is they watch the movie as it was about music. In fact, the movie is a sports film and covers a lot about the psychology of humiliation.  ... read more