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Do you remember when the two title rivals professed their deep admiration and respect for each other? Well that’s all over. Now Lewis Hamilton is ladling on the patronizing passive aggression and Max is getting cute with the sarcasm. So whilst Mercedes get short odds on the Russian Grand Prix at Bet365 and the like, we’re only a pit stop away from another collision. So, if you’re looking to bet on sports in Russia this weekend, you might want to look at some of the other options. ... read more

We all knew it would happen sometime. They’ve come together before at Silverstone. So, we knew the odds on the F1 Drivers championship rivals crashing out together sometime were quite short. Fans also know odds on the Russian Grand Prix seeing a similar incident are also quite short. Neither one will change their driving style. So whilst you can bet on the Russian Grand Prix at online betting sites in Russia like Bet365, it’s quite a risky wager. Which only makes it more fun. ... read more

The result is almost a foregone conclusion. Mercedes have always won at Sochi and this year is unlikely to be any different. It is a circuit which plays to their strengths. This means the odds on the Russian Grand Prix at online sportsbook sites in Russia like Bet365 favor Hamilton. Heavily. So, if you like a little bet on F1 you’ll need to look around for a far better opportunity. Fortunately, a bet on the first retirement is far more interesting and can be far more rewarding. ... read more

They don’t usually race F1 at Mugello. After the chaos on Sunday, it becomes clear why. Next, the circus moves onto Sochi where the odds on Lewis Hamilton are massively short. But, if the Tuscan Grand Prix proved anything, it’s that F1 can still surprise. So, a bet on the Russian Grand Prix at online sportsbook sites in Russia like Bet365 can still be an earner. However, a bet on Lewis Hamilton probably won’t be the way to do it. After all, he’s kind of lost the plot a bit. ... read more

It dates back to the very earliest days of the revolver. One day like the javelin, archery and the biathlon this too will grace the mainstream of sports. That may seem unlikely, but whilst Russian gambling laws do not permit it at present this is an uncertain world. We none of us can see the future. Perhaps one day sites like Unibet will be offering odds on the world championships of this suicidal sport. If they do you’ll want our seven tips on how to win gambling on Russian roulette. ... read more