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English cricket fans will read the odds on the Ashes and despair. Online bookies in the UK like Bet365 give England very little chance of winning. Still, that shouldn’t deter those of you who like to bet on sports in the UK over the winter. Sure, England’s Ashes odds are dire, but when weren’t they? And, if there were ever an Ashes series in which the cricket itself has to shine; This is it. If the on-field play can’t distract the media, cricket will find itself getting knocked for six. ... read more

You can bet on Greta Thunberg to mutter “I told you so” as this winter descends on Europe. The climate scientists are already warning it could be the coldest winter on record. This has already had significant knock-on effects. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are already offering barely 5/4 on a White Christmas. However, beyond the odds on a White Christmas there’s a more serious issue. It’s an issue the seesawing temperatures this year only hint at. ... read more

The odds on Australia to win the ODI series in India are now so short you’ll need a microscope. Their performance in the first of three matches was dominant, confident and utterly devastating. In a year where all short-form games are important, this was a statement of intent from Australia. The rest of the world will take note. Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in Australia, certainly has. India, meanwhile, will have to bounce back, but that could be a very tall order. ... read more