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Since almost every country in the world has big enough lakes or even seas where people can practice water sports, sailing is a popular sport among athletes and bettors too. Since bookmakers focus on mainstream sports and thus pay less attention to sailing betting, you have a high chance to win. In this sailing betting guide, we will go over the best strategies and learn about winning betting tips! ... read more

If you consider betting as a source of income, take a look at arbitrage betting – one of the most complicated yet useful tactics in online sports betting. This is a strategy that allows bettors to have a guaranteed profit at online sportsbooks. Interested? Read our arbitrage betting guide to learn everything about it. ... read more

The NBA is one of the most entertaining but also one of the most unpredictable competitions in the world. One minute, you’re the best team in the league, in the next, you’re heading to Cancun. Most of the early, and even late, season favorites for the title are out and things are getting interesting. When there are only four teams left, the big picture is starting to turn ever clearer. We are almost at the end of the tunnel and the light of the NBA Finals is at the end. Check out what we think are the best NBA betting tips right now. ... read more

True passion cannot be broken even by such terrible events as someone losing one of their limbs. Thanks to the efforts of professionals, today, there are many types of solutions for those who underwent amputation due to illness or accident. Moreover, there are more and more modern prosthetic limbs that are helping the user to live a full life and to achieve incredible results. It costs a lot and is unique, yet the designer prosthesis does not count luxury item anymore. Anyway, you can’t put a price tag on a happier life. It’s a great help in accepting the equality of people with reduced mobility. Paralympics know this the best. There are plenty of prosthetic limbs you can bet on!  ... read more

Our preview on the upcoming football season for the title winner throws light on teams that are believed to become the champions of Germany this time. If you already have your favorite, check out the 2022 Bundesliga betting preview. If you haven’t decided who to support, here are all the favorites of the German first league. ... read more

Germany is known for many things: amazing beer, tasty bratwurst, people being always punctual, cars you can entrust your life on and strict gambling rules. Well, this latter is in change now – which is good news for online wagers in the country. 2021 is the year when great changes by new regulations are in the moving. It also means new sports betting sites in Germany, where you can already try your luck on! ... read more

If you need a new football, basketball, or tennis betting experience, try to bet on simulated sports. This popular and modern gambling phenomenon is available at many sportsbooks at any time and has plenty of advantages. Let’s see why and where you can enjoy virtual sports betting to the hilt. ... read more